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Overview of Course Information

The courses below comprise the Digital Marketing minor or certificate. You must choose two of four courses from Management Information Systems. These courses focus on the more technical aspects of the program. You must also take the two Marketing courses listed below, which focus on the marketing aspects of the program. If you are completing the certificate, it is important to have experience with Microsoft Excel and statistics. Please read the descriptions of each course below for more information.

Management Information Systems Courses

(Select two of the four courses below):
  • ISM 3007 - Social Media Innovation. Students learn how social media works, why social media matters to business and how to use it successfully.
  • ISM 4041 - Contemporary Issues of Digital Data Management. Covers business processes and frameworks for data collection, storage, retrieval and transfer of digital data. Discusses the various ways through which industry and government compile data for purposes such as marketing, customer relationship management, fraud and crime prevention, e-government, etc. Considers also the business, legal, ethical and social context of data gathering and utilization.
  • ISM 4054 - Social Media and Web Technologies (Prerequisites: ISM 3011). Introduces business students of all majors to various social media and web technologies relevant to modern organizations. Emphasis is on the business aspects of website design and the use of social media, such as how companies use social networks to earn revenue and build recognition among their desired market. The course progresses from introductory work on web design to a project in which students design and develop a website.
  • ISM 4420 - Social Media and Web Analytics. Covers concepts and techniques for retrieving, exploring, visualizing and analyzing social network and social media data, website usage and clickstream data. Students learn to use key metrics to assess goals and return on investment, perform social network analysis to identify important social actors, subgroups and network properties in social media.

Marketing Courses

  • MAR 4613 - Marketing Research and Information Systems (Prerequisites: STA 2023 and MAR 3023). An introduction to procedures for defining marketing problems. Data gathering, analysis, and interpretation techniques and their integration into management decision processes are also discussed.
  • MAR 4721 - Digital Marketing (Prerequisites: MAR 3023, ISM 3011). Applied digital marketing covering SEO, online advertising, Web analytics, email marketing, social media and reputation management. Lab time required.

Program Sheets

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