Operations Management Course Information

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Overview of Course Information 

The courses below comprise the Operations Management minor. You have two options for selecting courses to comprise the Operations Management Minor:

  • Three courses from the Operations Management Options OR
  • Two courses from the Operations Management Options and one course from Operations Cognate Options
Operations Management Options
Project Management MAN 4583
Global Supply Chain Management MAN 4597
Service Operations MAN 4029
Operations Management Applications MAN 4504


Operations Cognate Options
Global Business Operations MAN 4602
Entrepreneurship ENT 4024
Advanced Business Planning ENT 4114
Health Care Quality Management HSA 4383
Practice Management HSA 4511
Technology in Health Care Organizations HSA 3191
Cost Accounting Practice ACG 3351
Accounting for E-Commerce ACG 4452
Corporate Risk Management RMI 4353
Enterprise Risk Management and Corporate
Governance: Qualitative Analysis
RMI 4423
Digital Marketing MAR 4721
Marketing and Product/Service Innovation MAR 4836
Meetings and Events Management HFT 3741
Hotel and Resort Management HFT 4253
International Field Experience in Hospitality
HFT 4955
Introduction to Business Analytics and Big Data ISM 3116


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