Civics Education Program Internship

Civics Education Program Internship

The Madden Center for Value Creation is partnering with the Civics Education Program, a local initiative which provides instruction to incarcerated persons in South Florida. The program is recognized by the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) and has operated with great success at South Bay Correctional Facility and Moore Haven Correctional Facility.

Inmates read, study, and discuss basic and advanced materials in civics, ethics, economics, and literature to develop a solid understanding of the principles and practices of American civil life.

For each course, inmates participate in weekly, two-hour, in-person sessions with college-level faculty and adult and student volunteers, utilizing a Socratic, discussion-based format. These incarcerated persons speak highly about the value university students bring to this academic experience and volunteers walk away edified by the inmates' desire to deepen their knowledge base.

The next available session begins in Summer 2022, and student internships will require the following:

  • FDC background check; Completion of volunteer application; Facility Orientation
  • Weekly commitment traveling to/from the correctional facility for the current semester (12 weeks)
  • Participation in class discussion; Evaluation of written assignments; Assisting the instructors as needed
  • Reimbursement for mileage is included

Students who are interested in participating as interns should contact Madden Center for Value Creation Executive Director Dr. Siri Terjesen at 561-297-4440 or for more information.