Women in Executive Leadership Program – Program Benefits

Through a focus on both hard and soft skills; and with a clear understanding of the issues that impact women's success in the workplace, participants will gain the ability to propel themselves into top leadership roles. You will gain:

  • An introspective look at your leadership style and talents and how to engage your team for maximum performance
  • Awareness of your behaviors that either sabotage or support your success
  • A personalized improvement project to implement at your workplace to create an immediate ROI
  • An executive-level mentor to lead you through your Individual Development Plan and career challenges
  • A took-kit of both hard and soft skills to help you lead including: Leadership, Communications, Economics, Strategy and Problem Solving
  • On-going access to a monthly mastermind group made up of WEL graduates
  • The “push” you need to propel you forward


  • “My annual performance review went very very well! I used the SMART goals approach that I did for my WEL presentation and my Director was very impressed  and has committed to supporting me in reaching my next promotional level within a year. Kudos to the invaluable lessons and discussions shared during the WEL program – which, by the way, has generated some growing interest from my peers!” Charmaine Crawford, Administrative Supervisor, City of Fort Lauderdale 
  • "Powering through limiting beliefs in the final class of the Women in Executive Leadership program at Florida Atlantic University. Participating in WEL program has helped me grow in so many ways. I learned my strengths as a leader, developed strategic vision for my current role, and expanded my network. The conversations that I am having became more mature, meaningful, and strategic. I only wish I took this step earlier in my career. I highly recommend this program." Elena Skye, MD, Senior Manager, L'Oreal
  • "Confidence unleashed! These past 3 months have been the most introspective, exhilarating, growth-oriented time I have had in my entire life. The FAU Women in Executive Leadership Program has helped me to see how I show up not only in the work place but in the world! It has helped me to craft a clearer vision, set up helpful yet powerful habits that will guide me to win. But most importantly it has given me permission to dream big and remind myself of the gifts inside of me I have had all this time, but somewhere down the line I forgot...No, this is NOT your typical leadership program... its so much more! This program was designed to teach you leadership from the inside... the inside of you!" Jaunai Walker, Account Executive, Catholic Hospice
  • "Participating in the Fall Session of Women in Executive Leadership has boosted my self-confidence.  In this introspective course, I’ve learned valuable skills that I was able to put into practice right away.  Best of all, I now have a plan in place to propel my career to the next level.  So glad I made the decision to enroll in the program!" Sandy Walker, Vice President, Legacy Bank
  • "This course has added value to my life, personally and professionally. It touched my life in so many ways. My mentor is an amazing person and I learned so much from her. I am passionate about this program." Elisa Ball, Director, Human Resources Latin America & Caribbean
  • "Before I took this course, I had an idea of my professional 'next steps' but I may have been holding back. This program helped me gain the strength to pursue my goals. And I was recently asked to run a global assignment for my company." Maria Penas-Zamora, Global Marketing, LATAM Sales Enablement
  • "Participants went through a journey that made us think about our personal and professional goals as well as rexamine our wants and needs. It prepared us for several situations that we may encounter in the workplace or in our personal journey as a business owner or as a woman." Jennifer Parra, Experiential Educator & Facilitator
  •   “It was a very important course for empowering, communication, and transformation. I have more confidence. I KNOW I can do it. This course was amazing.” Tereza Cavalcanti, Civil Engineer
  • "This course showed me that everything I need to achieve is inside me." Katherine Gopie, Director of Professional Development, Prime Time PBC
  • “The program surpassed my expectations. If you are thinking about doing it…DO IT!” Jessica Spitalnik Mates, Rabbi, Temple Beth El
  • “South Florida ladies - if you are looking to grow and learn professionally, to build an amazing network of women, and to get so motivated and excited about your future, you *MUST* sign up. This was one of the best decisions of my life.” Brandy Craig, Senior Director Marketing Operations, Tissue Tech
  •  “Fantastic course! Thank you, Paige, and all the ladies for such a great experience.” Ania Knapinska, Ph.D., Associate Director, Center of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
  • "Thank you to FAU's College of Business, Program Director, Paige Pavlik Garrido, my fellow graduates and all of the presenters, staff and mentors who helped make this program so incredible. It has been a true privilege being a part of the first graduating class of the FAU Women in Executive Leadership Program." Whitney West
  • "To anyone considering this program in the future, be ready for an-in-your-face type of experience and be ready to be dig deep.  Almost instantaneously, you will feel compelled to make a difference.  Be ready to have this course inspire you into action." "If you are a woman in leadership yearning to find your footing in your role as it pertains to securing and preserving your seat at the table, this course will give you the tools you need to be successful. It is one of the best investments you can make in yourself." Ladi March-Goldwire
  • "A phenomenal program with a distinctive mix of value and camaraderie! Thank you, Paige, for your tremendous work bringing it to life." Nicole Edwards
  • "It has been an incredible journey. Thank you to Paige Pavlik Garrido, Daniel Gropper, FAU's College of Business, and all the mentors, instructors and staff who helped create a game-changing program. I recommend it to all of South Florida's female leaders who are looking to take their careers to the next level. In addition, I applaud FAU for stepping out and creating a curriculum that cannot be found anywhere else. Bravo!" Meghan Moore
  • The Women in Executive Leadership program drives home that we do not have to lead like men, we should lead like the amazing, strong, and capable women that we are. It has given me the opportunity to connect with a mentor that has given me insight and motivation. I’ve met inspiring women who have similar career goals and experiences, who have provided me with support, friendship, and encouragement. Each session has been invaluable, we’ve met amazing instructors who shared their journeys and expertise. The broad understanding and exposure to so many different topics has given me the confidence to start planning my future and building the career that I want. Working on our Individual Development Plan has given me the focus and find the drive to continue working on me. I start the MBA program in the fall, had it not been for this program, I don’t believe I would have finally taken the leap.This program has given me the courage to speak up, stand out, and go after what I want and deserve. I am worth the time and investment and so are you." Crystal Barger


Women in Executive Leadership Program

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