Current Student Forms

Undergraduate Forms

Form 1 - The Business Petition - Used to request exception to College of Business requirements or rules (not for course equivalencies).

Form 2 - Course Equivalent/Substitution Petition - Used to request that a non-FAU course be considered as a substitute or equivalent to an FAU course. This form is not to be submitted prior to enrolling at FAU.

Form 3 -The Late Withdraw Petition - Used to request to withdraw from courses after the withdrawal deadline.  All students must provide the professor of each of their courses with Form 4 - Instructor's Memorandum for them to complete and submit.

Form 5 - The Reinstatement Petition - Used to request to return to FAU after being academically dismissed from the University.  

Form 7 - Part-time Registration Petition - Used to request a change from full-time to part-time enrollment status.  This form is not appropriate for all students; only submit when directed to do so by an academic advisor.

Form 8 - The Additional Attempt Request - Students who wish to attempt a course three or more times must obtain authorization from their officially declared college before registering for the course at FAU. This form applies only to officially declared business students. Other students need to check with their respective college or with the University Advising Services office.

Form 9 - Credit for Non-Degree Courses - Use this form to apply credits earned as a non-degree seeking student to degree-seeking status.

Form 10 - Intersession Request Petition - Students who wish to take an accelerated intersession class (early Fall or early Spring) must petition the college for approval.  

Form 11 - Residency Petition - Use this form to request a waiver of the requirement to take the last 30 credits of upper-division coursework in residence at FAU.

Form 13 - Request to Withdraw from Graduation - Use this form to withdraw a previous request to graduate from the University.

Form 14 - Graduation Audit Request - Used to request a formal graduation audit by an academic advisor. An audit will be performed only if a student has 11 or fewer courses remaining before graduation (including in-progress classes).

For the application for degree, application for certificate, and undergraduate major/minor change forms, see "University Forms" below.


Graduate Forms

All graduate forms can be found through the Graduate College Forms Index below.  

Graduate College Forms Index

Most commonly used forms include:

  • Form 10 - Request to Waive a University Requirement
  • Form 11 - Academic Progression Plan
  • Form 16 - Change of Major


University Forms

Application for Admission to FAU - Used to apply to FAU's undergraduate degree programs.

Undergraduate Major/Minor Change - Used to declare, change, add, or remove undergraduate majors or minors. The form must be approved by an academic advisor. If the changes involve a program outside the College of Business, the forms must be signed by both a business advisor and an advisor in the FAU college that houses the program.

Application for Degree; Application for Certificate - Students must meet with an advisor for preapproval before submitting the application for degree online or sending the application for certificate to an advisor.  This should be done at the end of the second-to-last semester.  (Both forms are found at the link; click on the form that applies to you.)

Enrollment Verification Form - This is a registrar form allowing you to obtain documentation from the registrar's office concerning your enrollment status at FAU.

Forgiveness Policy Form - FAU form that allows students to "forgive" prior grade on a repeated course.  Submit this form to the registrar's office.

Gordon Rule Evaluation Form - Used by the Registrar's office to apply transfer work toward the state's Gordon Rule requirements.

Immunization Form - This Student Health form is required for proof of immunization for all new FAU students taking on campus courses.

Transient Student Process - Information about how to take courses at other institutions while currently enrolled at FAU.  College of Business students must also submit Form 1 in order to get approval for transient coursework.

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AACSB Accreditation

Proud member of AACSB, the premier accreditation agency for business schools.

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Top-50 in Entrepreneurship

Ranked #37 (ugrad.) and #41 (grad.) in 2021 according to The Princeton Review.

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FT Executive Education Rankings

#11 (U.S.) and #1 (Florida) in the Financial Times rankings.

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#22 for Best International Business Ugrad. Program by U.S. News & World Report in 2021.

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Ranked Among the Best Undergraduate Business Programs in 2021.

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Best Online Bachelor's in Business

#27 for Best Online Bachelor's in Business Programs in 2021.

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Best Online Grad. Business

Ranked Among the Best Online Master's Business Programs (non-MBA) in 2021.

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Ranked Among the Best Online MBA Programs in 2021.

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Ranked Among the Best Online MBA Programs for Veterans in 2021.

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Best Online Grad Veterans

#19 for Best Online Master's in Business Programs for Veterans (Excluding MBA) in 2020.

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Best MBA in Sport Management Program

Top-20 in the world according to SportBusiness.