Beyond the Textbook: Students Glean Insights from Guest Economic Experts

By Andrew Garrison | 12/21/2023

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Economics Expert Guests

Classes in the Department of Economics have been anything but monotonous this semester. Distinguished economic experts shared practical insights with students. The guest speakers, whose expertise span numerous sectors, focused on real-world applications, providing valuable lessons beyond theoretical concepts.

  • Dr. Anne Bradley, an economist who is also the head of the Fund for the American Studies in Washington D.C., spoke on the “Paradox of Democratic Socialism” during in our Money and Financial Markets course. Dr. Bradley demystified the negative aspects of socialism, often touted as the new frontier of the American economy, by highlighting deep issues it often engenders; issues that are often left out of talking points in the national spotlight. Bradley rallied students to use their abilities as economists to analyze the cause and effect of difference economic regimes.


  • Dr. Mark Skousen spoke in Dr. Ting Levy’s Intermediate Macroeconomics course. Skousen, recipient of the “Triple Crown in Economics,” was awarded by Steve Forbes for his outstanding research in economic theory, history, and education. Skousen was far from the typical “sage-on-the-stage.” While presenting recent economic data, Skousen challenged students to employ the economics they had learned to assess how to deal with the economic obstacles provoked by the recent pandemic.

“Dr. Skousen and Dr. Bradley are proof that economics goes beyond what you see in the news,” said Department of Economics Chair, Monica Escaleras, Ph.D.

The Department of Economics looks forward to welcoming more speakers who alert students to the practical applications of economics in everyday life.

Andrew Garrison is the Director of the Phil Smith Center for Free Enterprise and Instructor of Economics.