College of Business Alumnus’ Company Honored by Forbes 30 Under 30

By Amber Bonefont | 03/20/2024

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Kyle Lansing of Strawfish

A company launched by a Florida Atlantic University College of Business alumnus aimed at reducing plastic pollution was honored by Forbes 30 Under 30 for its social impact on the world.

StrawFish, started by Kyle Lansing’ 20, FAU alumnus, and his two business partners, Aaron Kleinert and Tomer Bitton in 2019, offers an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use plastics: affordable, biodegradable straws made from seashells.

Now, five years later, Lansing and his partners have been recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30- Social Impact as founders of a company who are “leveraging business smarts to save the world.” 

 “It’s an honor and a little surreal to be recognized,” Lansing said. “But we’re pleased that our company is already making such an impact.”  

Forbes 30 Under 30 launched ten years ago to spotlight business leaders, industry shakers and innovators across the globe. The Social Impact edition highlights business minds who are looking to creating sustainable companies.

StrawFish originally started while Lansing attended Florida Atlantic University, meeting Kleinert and Bitton through mutual friends. The trio were looking for ways to start a business and decided to blend their concentrations and backgrounds as Floridians together, choosing to focus on a product that would entice the hospitality industry, but also protect Florida’s natural habitat. 

“I’m originally from Cocoa Beach and we’re surrounded by water. Sustainability has always been a passion since I was young,” Lansing said. “With how much plastic waste there is, there was a need in the market for this type of product. Ours is different in that it is 100 percent biodegradable in natural landfill conditions.”

The straws are sourced from seashells found off the Baja Peninsula in Mexico and processed at a facility in Guadalajara. Their products are used at restaurants and bars across the state: Rocco’s Tacos, the Tin Roof in Delray Beach, Throw Social. The Royal Caribbean is also a loyal customer.

Lansing, who majored in business management with a concentration in entrepreneurship, credits the lessons learned at FAU with helping to create such an innovative company

“The entrepreneurship track and the Adams Center helped guide me on the right questions to be asking while starting this company,” Lansing said. “

 Lansing joins the ranks of other notable alumni who have been honored by Forbes 30 under 30: Jan Bednar, Shipmonk; Alex Schulze and Andrew Cooper, 4Ocean; Hannah Herbst, Beacon.

“We are proud of the ingenuity of their company and the entrepreneurial legacy we are establishing with previous honorees from Forbes 30 Under 30,” said Daniel Gropper, Ph.D., dean of College of Business at FAU.