Andréi Morin-Kougoucheff



Andréi Morin-Kougoucheff is originally from France. He moved to Florida after graduating from high school when he received a full tennis scholarship to attend Florida Atlantic University. Andréi has been playing tennis as long as he can remember, which made playing collegiate tennis one of his dreams since childhood. Edmée Morin-Kougoucheff, Andréi’s sister, also played collegiate tennis, making the Morin-Kougoucheff family extraordinarily athletic!

In addition to his tennis specialty, Andréi came to Florida Atlantic University to study a Bachelor’s of Finance. Andréi began learning about finance when his father taught him about the industry at a young age. After his junior year at FAU, Andréi enrolled in the Financial Analyst Program (FAP). In partnership with Bloomberg®, the Financial Analyst Program (FAP) equips students with cutting edge skills in financial analysis and equity research taking the students through a deep value fundamental research process that results in the creation of independent equity research reports.

Andréi has been surrounded by both tennis and finance since childhood, and has been driven to pursue both passions ever since. Upon graduating with a Bachelor’s of Finance in June 2017, Andréi was offered a full-time position at SBA Communications as a Corporate Finance and Investor Relations Analyst.

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