Transfer Course Substitutions


College of Business Courses

Courses that did not automatically transfer as equivalent to an FAU business course can be reviewed to see if a substitution can be made.

  1. Download Form 2: The Course Equivalent/Substitution Petition and review all instructions. 
  2. A separate form is needed for each course that is petitioned.
  3. Submit to Student Academic Services in the College of Business.


Intellectual Foundation Program (IFP) Courses

All students who transfer to FAU with an Associate in Arts degree from a Florida public institution are deemed to have satisfied the IFP.

Other students may wish to petition IFP courses if they feel they have taken something equivalent.  Visit and scroll down to "IFP/DARS Petition Form."  Log in with your FAU credentials to submit your form.

Questions about IFP courses should be directed to University Advising Services (UAS) at



Course Descriptions

Course descriptions are usually required for any course substitution petition.  Your previous institution's catalog should have course description information, or you can visit