Registering for Classes

Course registration is done thru the MyFAU portal. Once logged in, students will have access to the following:

  • Important registration information (i.e. last day to drop, last day to pay, etc)
  • Add or drop classes
  • Order books from the FAU bookstore
  • Course schedule
  • Registration fee assessment
  • Registration Status
  • Current/future registration

Common registration issues

Some of the common error messages that students may encounter when trying to register are given below:

  • Prerequisite/Test score – 1) one of the prerequisite classes either hasn’t been met or not recognized by the system and/or 2) certain classes, math and upper level accounting courses, require an adequate test score before a student is eligible to enroll
  • Major – must be declared in one of the restricted access majors in the College of Business
  • Class – must have attained sophomore, junior, or senior standing according to the course requirement
  • Departmental permission – these courses required special permission from the department that teaches the course (not the Office of Student Academic Services)

It is STRONGLY recommended that you meet with an advisor prior to the advanced registration period in an effort to eliminate any issue prior to your registration window.

Clearing registration error messages

If you are receiving an error message (for other than online classes), do the following:

Using "Error Message (insert your last name and Z#)" as the subject, email the following information to

  1. First and last name
  2. Your Z#
  3. Your major
  4. The EXACT error message that you see when you attempt to register
  5. The course prefix and number (i.e. MAN 3600)
  6. The 5 digit CRN

You may submit information for more than one course as long as the courses are for the same term. Please do not send email requests to multiple advisors. Please allow time for advisor response.

Online Undergraduate Business Classes

Fully online College of Business classes are intended for students declared in fully online majors, also known as OBBA programs.  These include the following majors:  Online Accounting, Online Hospitality, Online Management, and Online Marketing.  OBBA students are given priority access to most online classes.

Once OBBA students have been given the opportunity to register, the Online BBA programs will open the remaining seats to traditional students on a selected date. This date can always be found on the course schedule by clicking on the CRN number for a particular course.

Attempting to register for an online course prior to the date given will result in a “Field of Study/Major” error restriction.