Registering for Classes

Register for classes early to ensure you get the schedule you want and can graduate on time!


When can I register?

Registration for most students is based on credits earned.  You can find the registration date schedule at the link below:

Registration Dates


I am having trouble registering for classes.  What can I do?

Registration issues? click here!

Click the button above to download a narrated presentation that will help you troubleshoot registration issues, or view the registration errors info further on this page.

Campus restriction or field of study restriction?  Click here to find out why.


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How to Register for Classes

Instructional Methods

Common Registration Errors

Help with Registration Errors

"Campus Restriction" or "Field of Study Restriction" and Fully Online Business Courses


How to Register for Classes

  1.  Speak with an academic advisor.
    • Newly Admitted Students
    • Current Students
      • Registration for Summer and Fall begins at the end of March while Spring registration begins at the end of October; current students should see an academic advisor in September and in February so that they will be ready to register when their dates open.
  2. View the registration schedule to find out when you can register.  Registration dates and times are based on credits earned.
  3. Download the instructions to register for courses through your MyFAU Account.
    • Once logged in to MyFAU, you can access information about:
      • Adding and dropping classes
      • Dates and deadlines
      • Registration status and holds
      • Books
      • Fees


Instructional Methods

FAU offers a variety of instructional methods to accommodate our students.  The College of Business currently offers traditional in-person courses, fully online courses, mixed courses where attendance is partially in person and partially online, and courses where students have the option to attend in person or stream the lecture from home.  You can download a description of all instructional methods currently in use by the College of Business at the link below.

College of Business Instructional Methods


Common Registration Errors

  • Prerequisite/Test Score
    • You are missing either a course OR test score that must be completed before the course for which you are trying to register. If you believe you have met the pre-requisite requirement, contact your advisor.
  • Field of Study Restriction - Major
    •  The course you are trying to register for is restricted to students declared in a College of Business major
    • OR you are registering for the wrong section of MAC2233
    • OR if you are a declared business major, you are likely trying to register for an online section that is reserved for online students until a later date. Learn more.
  • Campus Restriction
    • You are trying to register for a course that is reserved for online students until a later date. Learn more.
  • Class
    • You do not have enough credits earned to take this course. If your advisor told you to take this course, contact your advisor as you may need an authorization.
  • Closed
    • This section is full. If there are spaces available, you can add yourself to the wait list; otherwise, you will need to choose a different section or check back to see if spaces become available.
  • Open -- Reserved for Waitlist
    • There is an open seat in this section, but it is reserved for the first person on the wait list.  If there are spaces available, you can add yourself to the wait list; otherwise, you will need to choose a different section or check back to see if spaces become available.
  • Departmental Permission
    • This section is reserved for students in certain programs or who meet certain requirements. Click the course title to find out what department to contact if you have questions (likely in the course description tab). 
    • Note:  The advising office cannot provide departmental permission authorization.


Help with Registration Errors

If you are receiving an error message:

  1. Check first that you are not trying to register for a restricted fully online business course and review the common error messages above as those may answer your question. If you still need assistance, continue below.
  2. Meet with an academic advisor.
  3. If you have recently met with an academic advisor, you can e-mail the last advisor with whom you met OR you can e-mail
    • Use "Error Message (insert your last name and Z#)" as the subject.
    • In the body of the e-mail, include:
      • First and last name
      • Your Z#
      • Your major
      • The EXACT error message that you see when you attempt to register
      • The course prefix and number (i.e. MAN 3025)
      • The 5 digit CRN (this tells us exactly which section you are trying to register for)

You may submit information for more than one course as long as the courses are for the same term. Please do not send email requests to multiple advisors. Please allow time for advisor response.


Registering for Online Undergraduate Business Classes

Most fully online business courses are reserved for students declared in an online major until a selected date when the courses open to students declared in traditional majors. College of Business students receive an email before each registration cycle notifying them of this date. 

Spring 2023 Date:  November 16th

  • I am not declared in an online major; when can I register for fully online courses?
    • Check the Banner XE Searchable schedule.  Click on the name of the course and then click the "Course Description" tab.  You may see the following message:   "Non-OnlineBBA majors register on [date]."  If you do not see the message, the course is open at your regular time.
  • I am seeing a “campus restriction” or “field of study restriction—major” error.  Why?
    • The campus restriction means that only students declared as fully online (Distance Learning Campus) can register for this course until the dates listed above.  “Field of study restriction—major” may come up as well since the course is currently reserved only for students who are declared in an online major. 
  • Where can I find my regular registration date and time?
  • There are many different types of classes on the schedule; how do I tell the difference?
  • The course I want to take does not open to me until a later date; what time can I register?
    • A staff member will begin opening the restricted fully online courses sometime after 8am.  The process should be complete by noon, but there is no way to know the exact time your particular course will be opened since it has to be done manually.  We recommend you try to register every so often throughout the morning until you get into the class.  As long as you encounter "campus restriction,” the course is not open yet.  
  • I am listed as "pre-business online."  Is this the same as being an online major?
    • No; only students declared as Online Accounting, Online Finance, Online Management, Online Marketing, or Online Hospitality have priority access to restricted online courses.  
  • How can I be declared in one of the above fully online majors?
    • Speak with an advisor to find out if this is an option for you.