Understanding Your Grades

Florida Atlantic University has a plus/minus (+/-) grading system.

The minimum grade for College of Business requirements is a “C”. This includes all courses that are a part of the pre-business foundation, business core, and major program. In addition, courses that are used to satisfy the university’s Writing Across the Curriculum and Gordon Rule math requirements also have a minimum grade requirement of a “C”.

Course syllabi give individualized information about grading as it pertains to the individual classes.

Incomplete Grade Policy

A student who is passing a course, but has not completed all work due to exceptional circumstances, may, with consent of the instructor, temporarily receive a grade of incomplete (“I”). The assignment of the “I” grade is at the discretion of the instructor, but is allowed only if the student is passing the course.

The specific time required to make up an incomplete grade is at the discretion of the instructor. However, the College of Business policy on the resolution of incomplete grades requires that all work required to satisfy an incomplete (“I”) grade must be completed within a period of time not exceeding one calendar year from the assignment of the incomplete grade. After one calendar year, the incomplete grade automatically becomes a failing (“F”) grade.

Grade Appeal process

A student may request a review of the final course grade when s/he believes that one of the following conditions apply:

  • There was a computational or recording error in the grading.
  • Non-academic criteria were applied in the grading process.
  • There was a gross violation of the instructor’s own grading system.

The procedures for a grade appeal may be found in Chapter 4 of the University regulations (.pdf).

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