Career Outlook - Information Security

Job Prospects for Information Security Minor and Certificate Holders

  • Whatever your field of interest and career is, chances are you will benefit from your Information Security Minor or Certificate. Every company needs to be connected to the global network, which means that its data and strategic computer infrastructure need to be protected.
  • You can serve as the important bridge between your department and IT, help your organization develop a comprehensive security programs, or train and advocate to your colleagues and clients the importance of proper security procedures and controls.
  • Either way, you will benefit from the interdisciplinary knowledge you develop.
  • According to US News, the "U.S. government, health care organizations, financial systems and other companies are growing more reliant on information security analysts to protect their information systems against hackers and cyberattacks."
  • IT Audit jobs in Accounting and Finance are one of the highest paid in in greatest demand jobs.
  • Information Security Analysts jobs were ranked #5 on the list of Best Technology Jobs by US News,
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a median salary of $88,890 for Information Security Analysts, and expect an increase of 18% new jobs in this career by 2024.

Existing Professions Benefiting from Skills in Information Security

  • Public safety officials
  • Law enforcement officials
  • Criminal justice professionals
  • Healthcare professionals – Providers, Insurance representatives, Researchers
  • Accountants
  • Financial managers
  • And many others