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Overview of Course Information

The following four courses comprise the IT Cyber Security minor or certificate. Three of the courses are specific to Information Security concepts and tools, and the fourth course covers networking concepts. Please read the descriptions of each course below for more information.

Course Descriptions

ISM 4320 - Introduction to Cybersecurity

  • This course offers a balance of the managerial and technical aspects of information security. A comprehensive overview is offered of security issues related to operating systems, databases, networks, physical and infrastructural security, and cryptography.

ISM 4323 - Management of Information Assurance and Security*

  • This course emphasizes information security policy development, security management planning, risk assessment and risk management, disaster recovery and business continuity, and personnel issues related to security management.

ISM 4324 - Computer Forensics

  • This course introduces basic computer forensics tools, and then emphasizes digital evidence controls, data acquisition, computer forensic analysis, file recovery, and network and email forensics.

ISM 4220 - Business Data Communications 

  • Prerequisite: ISM 2000
  • This course introduces students to the fundamentals of communication technology including wide-area networks and organizational impacts of communication-based innovations.

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