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Management Information Systems

shutterstock_girl_at_computerManagement Information Systems (MIS) is a discipline and a profession that brings information and communication technologies to businesses and society. By applying information and communications technologies and systems, MIS solves real business problems and gives competitive advantage to firms. MIS focuses on the concepts and tools necessary for analyzing, designing, planning, developing, and managing organizational information resources.

MIS emphasizes management and looks at applications and technological products as part of a system. MIS graduates have a systems perspective and business processes in mind. They are service oriented and able to communicate client needs to IT staff. They are educated in people skills, project management, and teamwork experience. Although entry level positions are similar to those earned by computer science graduates, MIS graduates are more likely to move into managerial positions overseeing and directing the design and development of systems solutions for companies.

Which MIS Major Is Right For Me? 

Two types of undergraduate programs are available to students interested in Management Information Systems (MIS). The first type is the Bachelors in Business Administration (B.B.A.) with concentration in MIS. In this program, the student completes the requirements of the MIS major as well as the core business courses taken by all majors in the College of Business. The second type of program is a Bachelors of Science in MIS (B.S.). The B.S. degree requirements are the same as those of the B.B.A., except the B.S. requires a student to complete 6 additional credits of math or statistics courses beyond the calculus and statistics required in the Pre-Business foundation courses.

In addition, high achieving students may pursue their Bachelors and Masters degrees in the Accelerated BBA/BS and MSITM Program.

Please download the Program Sheet compiled by Student Academic Services for the most up-to-date information on Course Requirements for a major in Management Information Systems.

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Career Opportunities for Management Information Systems Majors 

The management information systems (MIS) major provides relevant training for a wide variety of careers in business and entry into graduate school. Most undergraduate MIS majors focus on the practical application of accounting in public, private, and government sectors. Many undergraduate MIS majors enhance their career potential by pursuing graduate degrees. Learn more about the wide range of career opportunities for MIS majors.

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