Management Information Systems


Why Minor in Management Information Systems (MIS)?

  • Management Information System (MIS) is a discipline and a profession that brings Information Technology (IT) to businesses.
  • MIS uses IT to MIS_minor
    • Plan, manage, create and innovate
    • Analyze and solve real business problems
    • Give competitive advantages to businesses
  • In the Information Age, having skills in MIS will serve as a great foundation for launching your career. There are very few remaining industries that are not impacted by technology today.
  • The MIS Minor will teach you some fundamentals of IT and how to align IT with business concepts and solutions intelligently, to address problems analytically and develop appropriate solutions.








The program consists of four undergraduate courses (12 credit hours). The tuition for the program is calculated based on the number of credits taken. Current tuition rates can be found on the FAU Controller’s site or in the FAU Catalog.

Length of Minor

The program consists of four undergraduate courses (12 credit hours). We offer courses for this program each Fall and Spring semester, so the length of the program depends on how many classes you want to enroll in.

How to Apply?

There is no criteria for acceptance to the minor programs except for junior or senior standing. If you are an FAU student, you can register for the courses and contact the ITOM Chair or a College of Business Advisor if you have any restrictions in the system.

Course Schedule

All courses are scheduled in Boca Raton campus. Sometimes courses may be scheduled online or on the Davie campus, but it cannot be guaranteed. You can view the schedule of courses on the FAU website - choose the semester you are interested in, College of Business, Information Technology and Operations Management as the department, undergraduate level. To view courses available online, select Online BBA as the department.


program information

The Management Information Systems Minor is offered to degree-seeking students in the College of Business and FAU. For minor, 9 of the 12 credits must be earned from FAU.

The minor in Management Information Systems consists of two required courses and two electives, all with a grade of "C" or better. For non-Business majors, waiver of related prerequisites will be made on a case-by-case basis. A minimum of 9 credits must be taken in residence at FAU. The acknowledgment of the minor is official upon successful completion of a degree program in FAU.

  • ISM 3011 Management Information Systems or ACG 4401 Accounting Information Systems
  • ISM 4133 Advanced Systems Analysis and Design
  • Any two ISM courses 3000 level or above depending on your interests



Course Descriptions

  • ISM 3011 Management Information Systems (Prerequisite: ISM 2000). Essentials and management of information systems resources; information systems in the organization; social implications; use and evaluation of common microcomputer software packages.
  • ISM 4133 Advanced Systems Analysis and Design (Prerequisite: 9 credits completed in MIS major or minor). Life cycle of information processing systems, planning and control of projects, documentation, formal techniques and use of generalized software packages.
  • Any two ISM courses 3000 level or above depending on your interests

While earning the MIS minor is not limited to specific MIS elective courses, the following suggested MIS minor paths could be chosen depending on the student’s interests and career goals:


Career outlook

Career Benefits

  • A minor in MIS enables you to specify, select, utilize, and apply Information Technology (IT) to your major field of study.
  • You will learn the skills and terminology needed to become an expert user of IT in the business world, to find IT solutions to business problems in all functional areas.
  • You will be able to help bridge your department with the IT managers
  • You will help your organization align its IT with business goals
  • You will participate in your department’s most important decisions to choose the best IT to serve you.
  • IT Audit in Accounting is the highest paid job – an MIS minor will launch you there!
  • Either way, you will benefit from the interdisciplinary knowledge.

MISMinor2Professions that will benefit from a Minor in MIS

  • All majors will benefit from MIS Minor since Information Systems are everywhere!
  • “Planes don’t fly and trucks don’t roll without IT services,” Robert Carter, FedEx Chief Information Officer


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