Cybersecurity Concentration


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Overview of Cybersecurity Concentration

  • Cybersecurity involves the practice of protecting a business' devices, systems, networks, and data from attackers with malicious intent. Cybersecurity provides organizations with the digital protection they need to conduct their everyday business with confidence
  • In addition to choosing one of the required MIS Major paths (Information Technology Path or Information & Knowledge Path), students who major in MIS are also able to choose one of our two optional Concentrations: Business Analytics or Cybersecurity

Course Information

  • To complete this undergraduate MIS major concentration in cybersecurity for both the Information Technology Path & the Information & Knowledge Management Path, all four courses below are required with minimum grades of "C" required in all four courses:
    • ISM 4220 – Business Data Communications  
    • ISM 4320 – Introduction to Cybersecurity
    • ISM 4323 – Mgmt. of Info Assurance and Security
    • ISM 4324 – Computer Forensics

Program Sheets

Technology Tools Used 

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Course Spotlight Videos

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Career Outlook for Cybersecurity

Job Prospects for Cyber Security Major Holders

    • Whatever your field of interest and career is, chances are you will benefit from your Cyber Security Major . Every company needs to be connected to the global network, which means that its data and strategic computer infrastructure need to be protected.
    • You can serve as the important bridge between your department and IT, help your organization develop a comprehensive security programs, or train and advocate to your colleagues and clients the importance of proper security procedures and controls.
      Either way, you will benefit from the interdisciplinary knowledge you develop.
    • According to US News, the "U.S. government, health care organizations, financial systems and other companies are growing more reliant on information security analysts to protect their information systems against hackers and cyber attacks."
      IT Audit jobs in Accounting and Finance are one of the highest paid in in greatest demand jobs.

Existing Professions Benefiting from Skills in Cyber Security

    • Public safety officials
    • Law enforcement officials
    • Criminal justice professionals
    • Healthcare professionals – Providers, Insurance representatives, Researchers
    • Accountants
    • Financial managers
    • And many others

Our Graduates

  • Our graduates are among the most versatile and mobile professionals, transferrable among industries and locations.
  • Graduates of our programs have been placed in some of the top firms in the country including Microsoft, Citrix, and Office Depot
  • To see the recent job placement of our graduates, visit our  "Where are they now?" page
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