Punter Index


The FAU Jaffe Punter Index website has many features of interest to college football fans. After extensive analysis of every game and punt last year, we let the math formulas determine our 2019 Final Punter Ratings, which lists all players who attempted a punt....including quarterbacks. For this season, we developed our Punter Watch List for 2020, which details the 29 punters we feel have the most potential to elevate the status of their teams. 

In addition to these metric-based lists, after the first complete week of games, we will introduce weekly awards for excellence within the Punter Awards portion of the site.  The Stats & Rankings portion offers the Weekly ratings and rankings.  It provides a simplified snapshot of individual performance for a particular week and cumulatively.

Finally, we deliver aggregate punting media coverage in our Stories section, both from other sources as well as original stories from our staff.