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Finance Faculty 

Finance faculty members have high academic qualifications.  All tenure-track finance faculty are Ph.D.s and members of the FAU Graduate Faculty. The finance faculty of FAU have conducted research on topics spanning most all areas of finance, including asset pricing, banking, and corporate finance and governance.  Some specific topics include acquisitions, anti-takeover amendments, bank exposure to interest rate risk,  bond pricing, corporate dividend policy, crowdfunding, currency option pricing, distressed residential mortgages, financial regulation, hedge funds, law and finance, mutual funds, private equity, stock options, and venture capital.  Their research has been published in the leading finance journals, including the Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Finance, Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Financial Intermediation, Journal of Financial Services Research, Journal of Financial Stability, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Money, Credit & Banking, Journal of Financial Research, Journal of Real Estate Research, Financial Management, Financial Review, and Real Estate Economics.  The FAU finance faculty are also actively involved as editors, editorial board members, and reviewers at a number of leading journals.

Their primary research interests are classified as follows (all finance faculty primarily use archival research methods):

Research Interests

Faculty Member

Corporate Finance
  • Douglas Cumming (Toronto)
  • David Javakhadze (Missouri)
  • Sophia Johan (Tilburg)
  • Anita Pennathur (Alabama)
  • Antoine Giannetti (Cornell)
Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Rebel Cole (North Carolina)
  • Douglas Cumming (Toronto)
  • Sofia Johan (Tilburg)
Financial Institutions 
  • Rebel Cole (North Carolina)
  • Douglas Cumming (Toronto)
  • Daniel Gropper (FSU)
  • Sofia Johan (Tilburg)
  • James McNulty (North Carolina)
  • Anita Pennathur (Alabama)
  • Emilio Zarruk (LSU)
  • Charles Yang (Texas)
  • Anna Agapova (Georgia State)
  • Scott Barnhart (Texas A&M)
  • Luis Garcia-Feijoo (Missouri)
  • Antoine Giannetti (Cornell)
International Finance 
  • Luis Garcia-Feijoo (Missouri)
  • Emilio Zarruk (LSU)
Real Estate
  • Ping Cheng (Georgia State)
  • Rebel Cole (North Carolina)
  • Ken Johnson (Alabama)
  • Anita Pennathur (Alabama)




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