Traditional PhD Program

The traditional Ph.D. Program in the College of Business is offered with concentrations in Accounting, Finance, Information Technology, Management, and Marketing. The program prepares candidates for research and teaching careers at universities and for careers within firms or government agencies requiring advanced research and analytical capabilities. Most of our graduates use their degrees to pursue faculty positions at universities.

The traditional Ph.D. program places major emphasis on independent inquiry, on the development of competence in research methodology, on the communication of research findings, and development of teaching skills. Entrants into the program can expect to join a stimulating research environment where interactions with faculty members and fellow students play a vital role in creating research. Students are introduced at the beginning of the program to rigorous course work and to the research activities of the faculty and other students. The number of Ph.D. students in the program is relatively small, which allows the opportunity to work closely with faculty.

The specific objectives of this Ph.D. program are to:

Provide the student with in-depth knowledge of fundamental theory and contemporary research issues in an area of concentration and supporting disciplines;
Develop the student's skills in using research tools (such as statistical methods, econometrics, experimental design, computer software), and the ability to apply these tools with an understanding of the underlying assumptions and the limitation on their use;
Develop the student's skills in communicating the research results to appropriate audiences in the academic environment, in industry, and in government.

Time Commitment

The traditional Ph.D. Program is strictly for full-time students. That is, Ph.D. students are expected to carry a course load of at least nine hours in the fall and spring semester. The traditional Ph.D. Program typically requires about four years of full-time work beyond the Master's degree.

The typical full-time course load is three courses per semester. Many courses are offered one day a week for a period of 2 hours and 50 minutes. Most courses for the Ph.D. program are offered at the Boca Raton campus. Some courses may be offered at the Davie campus, depending on the student's area of concentration.

Please follow the links to the left for information on each specialization and the College of Business PhD Program Handbook for other program details.