The Traditional Ph.D. program offers a concentration in finance. The program generally consists of two years of coursework, followed by comprehensive exams and a dissertation, and it usually takes a minimum of four years to complete. The program is designed to allow for many opportunities for conducting research.

Comments from our alumni emphasize the type of program we strive to achieve.

“One of the distinctive features of the Ph.D. program at FAU was that the professors and students formed a collaborative and supportive community in which academic success and scholarship flourished.”  Dr. Marek Marciniak, 2013

"The Ph.D. program at FAU had a significant impact on my career and on the person I am today. The professors were very friendly and accessible and I was able to meet with them on a regular basis. I got to collaborate with some great professors from early on in the program and I learned a lot from their research experiences and their approach to teaching and research. As a result, I was able to graduate with publications, teaching experience, and knowledge on how to be successful in an academic career. These traits significantly improved my marketability upon graduation and have helped me throughout my academic career."  Dr. Arjan Premti, 2014

“The program at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) has a culture of community and support. The faculty work closely with students from first year to completion and guide them throughout the job market process. There is a lot of support and opportunity concerning research, travel, and teaching for Ph.D. students. Students also tend to get placements upon completion as well. It is a well-structured program in a great location as well and I do not regret coming to FAU.” Dr. Charles Danso, 2018

During the two years of coursework, the following topic areas are usually covered (for students who had any course listed here, a substitute course is determined the Finance Ph.D. Coordinator).

Tool Courses

Research Methods I
Mathematical Economics 
Advanced Topics in Econometrics 
Advanced Microeconomics 
Empirical Methods in Finance

University Business Teaching 

Finance Courses

Financial Markets
Financial Management and Investment Decisions
Risk Management
Multinational Finance
Financial Theory
Corporate Finance
Seminar in Capital Markets
Seminar In Investments
Seminar in Corporate Financial Theory
Seminar on International Finance


Elective courses are also available and are decided by the student in consultation with the Finance Ph.D. Coordinator.


The dissertation involves comprehensive research on a finance topic that is a significant contribution beyond the foundation of related research. Dissertations completed by finance Ph.D. students at FAU have focused on a wide variety of research topics in finance, including initial public offerings, acquisitions of bankrupt firms, mergers, bond offerings, mutual funds, investment banking, bank regulation, and poison pills.

Finance Ph.D. students are expected to remain at FAU for one year after the completion of their course work and Comprehensive Exam so that they can focus full-time on completing their dissertation.

More Information

For information about the academic job market for Ph.D. students click here.

Please consult the College of Business Ph.D. Program Handbook for additional information.

If you have questions about the Finance Ph.D. concentration area or about pursuing a Ph.D. in Finance, contact the Finance Ph.D. coordinator, Dr. David Javakhadze -

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