FAU's AMA Secures Honorable Mention for Sustainability Campaign in Case Competition

By Denise Gravatt | 02/20/2024

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AMA Competition photo

FAU's American Marketing Association (AMA) student team continues to excel at the annual AMA Collegiate Case Competition, earning an Honorable Mention this year out of the 74 schools competing.

Marketing students from universities across the country participate in AMA's national case competition, designed to challenge them to develop innovative solutions to real-world business scenarios. 

This year’s sponsoring organization, the Sheth Foundation, presented students with a detailed marketing challenge: to create a social marketing campaign about sustainability that encourages individuals, companies, and industries to think more sustainably.

Students participating in the competition take the Marketing Strategy Case Competition class with Professor Eileen Acello, marketing instructor and advisor for FAU’s AMA chapter. The class, now in its 4th year, was established to strengthen FAU's position internationally in the annual case competition.  Year over year,  the course has helped to increase the success of FAU’s marketing undergraduates in the competition while building a stronger community for the American Marketing Association student-run organization on our campus.

"As the instructor, I love to watch the students unravel the case through their research and then create a final integrated marketing communications plan. The class is challenging, but the experience they gain is invaluable for their futures as marketers," said Acello.

To get a baseline understanding of sustainability, Acello invited Dr. Louis Merlin and Serena Hoermann, MBA from the Department of Urban & Regional Planning in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science, to talk to her class. These speakers helped the students understand the importance of sustainable practices not just in marketing but in every aspect of our lives.

Students also received marketing research insights and support, along with questionnaire creation, from marketing professor, Dr. Cheryl Jarvis. Dr. Denise Gravatt and Jennifer Mullins from the College of Business Communications team ​shared project management best practices to help organize and delegate the sections of the research. Olesea Svet, Director of Communications and Outreach for FAU's Schmidt College of Medicine, assisted with editing and team building.

"The AMA case competition class has been a journey of growth and collaboration. Through this experience, I've gained invaluable lessons on teamwork, sustainability, and research, transcending mere academia to embrace the real-world complexities of marketing."

~ Amanda DeStefano, Senior/Marketing Major

"The class was both challenging and immensely rewarding, preparing me for the business world. Being the project manager of the group has taught me to hone my critical thinking and leadership skills. I am grateful I had the opportunity to experience this amazing class."

~ Cassidy Espinoza, Senior/Marketing Major

The honorable mention earned by FAU's students is a testament to their preparedness to tackle marketing challenges in real-world business settings. Their achievement underscores the university's commitment to equipping students with the essential knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience and preparing them for the dynamic and rapidly evolving marketing industry. 

Congratulations to Professor Eileen Acello and her entire class: Sierra Danastor l Amanda DeStefano l Cassidy Espinoza l Mariana Freire Pratas Palma (TA) l Tianna Gaddis l Hannah Garner l Emily Mortimer l Maria Mucion l Trisannia Nelson l Maria Portilla l Allison Todd. (Pictured above from left to right: Hannah Garner, Cassidy Espinoza, Allison Todd and Amanda DeStefano)