Kudos: January 2021

By Comms Team | 01/29/2021

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Congratulations to the following College of Business faculty...

Abdullah Al-Moshaigeh, Visiting Instructor, and Julia Higgs, Professor, both from the FAU School of Accounting, with co-author, Denise Dickins, East Carolina University, had the following article titled, “The Influence of Political Regime on State-level Disciplinary Actions of CPAs Sanctioned by the PCAOB,” accepted in The Journal of Business Ethics. 


Sunil Babbar, Professor, Ravi Behara, Professor, Milad Baghersad, Assistant Professor, all from the Department of Information Technology and Operations Management, along with co-author Xenophon Koufteros, had their paper titled, “OM Research: Leading Authors and Institutions,” accepted for publication in the Decision Sciences (ABS3).


Milad Baghersad, Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology and Operations Management, with co-author Christopher Zobel, had their paper titled, “Assessing the extended impacts of supply chain disruptions on firms: An empirical study,” accepted for publication in the International Journal of Production Economics (ABS3).


Milad Baghersad, Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology and Operations Management, with co-authors Christopher Zobel, Cameron MacKenzie, and Yuhong Li, had their paper titled, “Establishing a frame of reference for measuring disaster resilience,” accepted for publication in Decision Support Systems (ABS3).


Anil Bilgihan, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing/Hospitality and Tourism Management, had the following papers accepted for publication:

  • Rodriguez, M.R.G., Fernandez, M.C., Shi, F., & Bilgihan, A. "UGC involvement, motivation and personality: Comparison between China and Spain," Journal of Destination Marketing & Management.      
  • Okumus, B., Ozturk, A., & Bilgihan, A. "Gen Y Dining out Behavior," International Hospitality Review.


Todd Blum, Adjunct Faculty, Department of Management Programs/Health Administration, was awarded the 2021 Harold L. Hodgkinson Award for outstanding dissertation. 

Created in honor of Dr. Hodgkinson’s academic contributions to Walden University, this award is bestowed annually upon one Walden graduate whose dissertation meets the highest standards of academic excellence. The Walden Awards Committee honored Professor Blum based on his outstanding dissertation, Comparison of Affordable Care Act and Ryan White Coverage on Treatment Compliance, Engagement, Affordability, and Health Status for People Living with HIV/AIDS. 


Xiaohua (David) Fang, Associate Professor in the School of Accounting, and co-authors Jeffrey Pittman (Memorial University of Newfoundland) and Yuping Zhao (University of Houston), had their paper titled “The Importance of Director External Social Networks to Stock Price Crash Risk,” accepted for publication in Contemporary Accounting Research (ABS 4 and Financial Times 50). The paper has been published early at https://doi.org/10.1111/1911-3846.12647.   


Luis García-Feijóo, Associate Professor, Department of Finance, had the following articles accepted for publication:

  • “Growth Options, Risk Dynamics, and Cost of Capital: Evidence from U.S. Corporate Control Transactions” with co-author Jeff Coy (graduate from FAU PhD Program) in the Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance.
  • “Hot Stove Effects: The Impact of CEO Past Professional Experiences on Dividend Policy” with co-author Matthew Faulkner (graduate from FAU PhD Program) in the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (ABS 4).


David Javakhadze, Associate Professor, Luis García-Feijóo, Associate Professor, both from the Department of Finance, with co-author Miran Hossain (graduate from FAU PhD Program), had their paper “Managerial Social Capital and Dividend Smoothing,” accepted for publication in the Journal of Corporate Finance (ABS 4).


Willliam Luther, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, with Josh Hendrickson (University of Mississippi) had their paper "Cash, Crime, and Cryptocurrencies” accepted for publication in Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance.


Alan Whiteman, Associate Program Director, Health Administration, with Urmala Roopnarinesingh,  presented virtually: “Exploring Graduate Students’ Choices to Attend Face-to-Face Programs at Predominantly Online Institutions: Understanding Graduate Student Needs and Expectations,” at the twenty-first International Conference on Knowledge, Culture, and Change in Organizations, which took place from January 15 - 16, 2021, at The University of Auckland in New Zealand.