Florida Atlantic's 2nd Annual Entrepreneurship, Longevity, and Biotech Conference

By Denise gravatt | 01/31/2024

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2nd Annual longevity Conference

Florida Atlantic announces its second annual Entrepreneurship, Longevity, and Biotech Conference, welcoming entrepreneurs looking to start new ventures and investors seeking the most up-to-date discoveries emerging from biotech and longevity research. This conference offers a unique platform to connect with like-minded individuals and share innovations.

Sponsored by the Madden Center for Value Creation at Florida Atlantic’s College of Business, the conference will be held on February 9 -10, 2024 in our Executive Education facilities at the Schmidt Family Complex located on the Boca Raton campus.

With an expected attendance of over 150 innovators, investors, and intellectually curious individuals, this innovative conference brings together experts in the fields of biotech and longevity to share their knowledge and exchange ideas. This annual event gives industry leaders opportunities to reconnect with colleagues, develop new relationships, expand networks, and gain invaluable insights into recent developments in age-defying science. 

The event speakers are world-renowned biotech innovators, investors, researchers, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders in a line-up that includes Omar Abudayyeh, Dr. Carmela Abraham, Nathan Cheng, Yuri Deigin, Lisa Fabiny-Kiser, Agustin Fernandez III, Leonardo Ferreira, Iosif Gershteyn, Jonathan Gootenberg, Bryan Johnson, Dr. Makoto Kuro-o, , Dr. Jose Navarro, Jim O'Neill, Petr Sramek, Dr. Rudy Tanzi, and Andre Watson.

Jeff Madden, CEO of Advantage Therapeutics, along with Dean Daniel Gropper, Ph.D., and Siri Terjesen, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Madden Center for Value Creation, Phil Smith Professor, and Associate Dean of Research and External Relations will give the welcome and opening remarks. 

Participants of the first annual Entrepreneurship, Longevity, and Biotech Conference heard a range of discussions, from investing in longevity to the science of startups. Speakers shared about the latest industry developments, including gene therapy, about companies that impact longevity research, and treatment delivery through nanosized delivery systems. These discussions explored how to optimize regenerative, personalized, and precision medicine, providing valuable insights into the future of the biotech and longevity industries.

The Madden Center for Value Creation, established with a $3 million donation from the Bartley J. Madden Foundation, promotes value creation, educates young people to become value creators, and brings groundbreaking research to Palm Beach, Broward, Martin, and Saint Lucie counties. 

Join us to learn, network, and explore the potential of age-defying science with the latest in entrepreneurship and longevity research. Registration for the conference is free but required. To join the waiting list, email us at maddencenter@fau.edu