Limitation on Repeated Courses

FAU Policy as per the University Catalog:

No course may be repeated more than once, whether at FAU or at any other institution, without the permission of the student’s advising office: University Advising Services, in the case of students with 45 or fewer completed credit hours; the college advising office, for those students with greater than 45 completed credit hours; or the Honors College Academic Support Services office, for students at the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College. To receive permission, the student must explain the reasons for the poor academic performance in past attempts and include a plan for success in the course on the next attempt. Those students who are requesting permission to enroll in the same mathematics course for the third time (or any subsequent attempt) may be required to first enroll in and successfully complete a math boot camp.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What counts as an attempt in a course?
    • FAU counts a “course attempt” as any time a student is enrolled in a course (at any institution) and earns either a grade or a “W”. Students may not attempt a course more than twice; third attempts are not permitted.
  • What happens if I did not pass a course on my second attempt?
    • If the course is required for your current program, you would need to select a different major.
  • If FAU does not allow me to take my required course a third time, can I take it at a different institution?
    • No; if you did not get permission to take the course here at FAU, the course would not be accepted from outside of FAU.
  • I am a transfer student; does this policy apply to me?
    • Transfer students who have not successfully completed a pre-business course within three attempts at previous schools are not eligible to declare a business major at FAU. The College of Business will not permit fourth attempts for transfer students. Transfer students who have already attempted a pre-business course twice at a previous institution should speak with an FAU COB advisor for more information.
  • I have an extenuating circumstance; what can I do?
    • Speak with your advisor