Marketing Internship

MAR 4946: Marketing Internship (General)

MAR 4945:  Retail Internship

MAR 4940: Advertising Internship






Intern Requirements

  • Obtain an internship that lasts the complete semester.
  • Be fully admitted into the College of Business (declared major)
  • Have above a 2.5 GPA
  • Be a Junior or Senior student
  • Have passed MAR 3023 and at least 1 additional 3000 or 4000 level Marketing (MAR) course
  • Declared Marketing major or minor

Internship Requirements

  • Internships must be at an organization that the student is not currently working. If the student obtains an internship in another department at current employer, significant learning opportunities must exist.
  • Internships must be the length of the semester (13-16 weeks)
  • Student Interns cannot be managed by relatives
  • Internship credit is based on the following criteria:
    3 credits = 18-25 hours per week


Application Deadlines

Spring 2024: Due January 2, 2024

Summer 2024: Due April 29, 2024

Fall 2024: Due August 5, 2024


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