Marketing Internship

Marketing Internship Courses (MAR 4940, MAR 4945, and MAR 4946)


Eligibility requirements for this course:

  • Overall FAU GPA: 2.5+
  • Must have taken and passed the following courses with a C or better
    • MAR 3023
    • Any Marketing 4000 level elective (related to internship)
  • Must apply for the course (MAR4940, MAR4945, MAR4946) a semester prior to when you actually want to take it.
    • This means no last minute registration
    • If you are planning to take MAR4940, MAR4945, MAR4946 in semester 2 of your Senior year, then you should apply toward the beginning of semester 1 of your Senior year

There is an application process for this internship course.

Print out and complete the Marketing Application packet:  

Application Packet

Once completed, set and appointment with Jodi-Kay Reece, from the Internship and Professional Development team, to turn in the application.