Career Outlook - MIS

Career Benefits

  • A minor in MIS enables you to specify, select, utilize, and apply Information Technology (IT) to your major field of study.
  • You will learn the skills and terminology needed to become an expert user of IT in the business world, to find IT solutions to business problems in all functional areas.
  • You will be able to help bridge your department with the IT managers
  • You will help your organization align its IT with business goals
  • You will participate in your department’s most important decisions to choose the best IT to serve you.
  • IT Audit in Accounting is the highest paid job – an MIS minor will launch you there!
  • Either way, you will benefit from the interdisciplinary knowledge.


Professions that will benefit from a Minor in MIS

  • All majors will benefit from MIS Minor since Information Systems are everywhere!
  • “Planes don’t fly and trucks don’t roll without IT services,” Robert Carter, FedEx Chief Information Officer
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