Polling Methodology

Data for FAU’s Business Polling Initiative uses a hybrid data collection approach providing a more representative sample and more accurate results.

One strand of data will be collected using automated polling methodology. FAU Business Polling Initiative’s surveys are administered using an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system (straticsnetworks.com).

The use of an automated polling system eliminates interviewer bias as all questions are asked in a single voice in English or Spanish. IVR technology drastically reduces the expense of polling and it allows for faster surveys completions. Finally, IVR may be used by survey organizations for asking more sensitive questions where the investigators are concerned that a respondent might feel less comfortable providing these answers to a human interlocutor (such as questions about drug use or sexual behavior).

A random sample of registered voters or all citizens depending on the needs of the survey are purchased from (Labels and Lists INC), a leading supplier of phone lists to the survey research industry. It has been demonstrated that a random list of phone numbers is more accurate for polling purposes than random digit dialing.

Using this combination of telephone and online data collection, FAU’s Business Polling Initiative will be utilizing the best practices in the industry. Telephone data collection over samples older people and under represents younger people. This limitation will be offset by using a second strand of data collection through online polling to ensure a representative sample. Utilizing ‘USAMP’, online surveys will be collected from younger participants who are difficult to capture using telephone interviews through their online panels.

Accreditation & Rankings

AACSB Accredited

AACSB Accreditation

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Princeton Review Entrepreneur

Top-50 in Entrepreneurship

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FT Executive Education Rankings

#11 (U.S.) and #1 (Florida) in the Financial Times rankings.

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Best International Business

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Sport Interantional Ranking

Best MBA in Sport Management Program

Top-20 in the world according to SportBusiness.

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