Biden with Edge in Florida


Former Vice President Joe Biden bounced back in this month’s FAU BEPI poll of likely Florida voters holding a 4 point edge 51% to 47% for President Donald Trump, 2% reported voting for someone else. Overall 8% of voters say there is a chance they could change their minds. 


The most important issue reported by voters was the economy at 38% followed by Coronavirus and Healthcare at 18% and 17%, rounding out the top four issues was Racism/Equality at 11%, no other issue was above 6%. Those who said the Economy is most important are breaking for Trump 80% to 16% while those who said Coronavirus is breaking for Biden 92% to 8%.  

44% of voters rate the Trump administration’s handling of the Coronavirus as Good/Excellent while 50% rate it as Poor/Terrible. 6% were undecided. 

There continues to be a large gender divide with females are breaking for Biden 56% to 40% while males breaking for Trump 54% to 44%. 

Twenty-five percent (25%) of voters who reported usually willing to split their ticket between the two parties are breaking for Biden 51% to 41%. Independents are breaking for Biden 49% to 41%. 

When it comes to how voters plan to cast their ballots a plurality of voters, 44% plan to vote by mail, 30% plan to vote early in person and 25% of voters plan to vote on Election Day.  Those voting by mail are breaking for Biden 62% to 34% while early in person voting is more split with 54% breaking for Trump and 45% for Biden. Election Day voters are breaking for Trump 58% to 36%. 

On the issue of the President’s tax returns, 58% of voters think President Trump should release his tax returns, 29% thought he should not and 13% were undecided.

When asked about confidence in the election results 75% of voters say they have somewhat/very confident in the election results, 6% said no confidence.  

A plurality of Floridians, 34%, expect to know the winner of the President race on Election night while 24% expect it to take a day and another 28% think within a week. 15% think it will take beyond one week. 

Overall Trump holds an approval of 44% with 51% disapproval. Governor Ron DeSantis holds a 43% approval and 48% disapproval. 74% of voters are very/extremely excited to vote in 2020.


Data was collected October 9-10, 2020 using a blended mode of n=273 mobile responses, n=145 online responses provided by Dynata and n=225 landline respondents by IVR with both cell and landline samples provided by Aristotle, Inc.. The total sample size is n= 644, +/-3.8%, likely general election voters. Data was weighted based on gender, age, education, party affiliation, region and ethnicity based on 2016 US Census Voting and Registration modeling.