Certified Medical Business Management

A patient's first impression of his or her physician can be made within the first few minutes of entering the medical office. Medical care today is undeniably a team effort, and no physician can successfully complete the continuum of care alone; communication, cooperation, and coordination of the medical office staff are vital to effective patient care and practice success.

Program Objectives

Florida Atlantic University’s Certified Medical Business Management program (CMBM) program is a three-module, comprehensive, specialized business program for medical industry professionals which focuses on the skills, tools and characteristics needed to manage a successful medical business or practice.


FAU_M_090_CMBM-Main-Image.jpgAnatomy, Terminology, Billing and Coding

The language of anatomy and physiology, the foundations for billing and coding, performing basic medical billing functions, and preparing medical claims forms - information essential to every practitioner and medical office professional - are explored in this module.

For-PDU-Benefits-205FAU_A-052.jpgLegal, Regulatory and Compliance Practices

The nuances of medical-specific legal, regulatory, and compliance practices are covered in-depth in this module.

045FAU_L-031_For-PDU-Main-Funnel-Page-Image-4.jpgOffice Operations

Customer service, office operations, financials and human resource management from the unique perspective of a medical practice are covered in-depth in this module.

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Program Coordinator

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Success Story

Certified Medical Business Manager

"I was surprised to find out that I, as the Physician Owner of my practice, could take the course...It was the best investment in my career. I have a great practice, a great support team and great employees - and it all started with this course."

-- Z. Catherine Navarro, M.D
Vein and Cosmetic Center of the Palm Beaches