Kudos: June 2021

By Comms Team | 06/30/2021

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Faculty Kudos

Research Kudos

Lakshman Chandrashekhar, Associate Professor, Department of Management Programs, had his paper, “Attributional Complexity of Monoculturals and Biculturals: Implications for Cross-cultural Competence,” accepted for publication in the Journal of World Business.

Paul Koku, Professor, Department of Marketing, had his paper, “Revisiting Pfizer’s DTCA of Lipitor Using Dr. Jarvik As a Spokesperson: Analyses Under the Teleological and Deontological Theories of Ethics,” accepted for publication in the Journal of Global Marketing.  

Len Treviño, Professor and Director of International Business Programs, with co-authors Ratan Dheer and Carolyn Egri, had their paper, "A cross-cultural exploratory analysis of pandemic growth: The case of COVID-19," accepted for publication at the Journal of International Business Studies (ABS 4*).

Ethlyn Williams, Associate Professor, Department of Management Programs, had her paper, "The Roles of Character and Charisma in Evaluating Leadership: Effects of Dark Triad and Honesty-Humility Traits, Attributed Charisma, and COVID-19 Crisis Anxiety in Rejecting a Presidential Leadership Candidate,” accepted for publication in Personality and Individual Differences.

Charles Yang, Associate Professor, Department of Finance, with Josh Frederick, Derrick Fung, and Jason Yeh, had their article, “Individual health insurance reforms in the U.S.: Expanding interstate markets, Medicare for all, or Medicaid for all?” accepted for publication in the European Journal of Operational Research (ABS 4).

Faculty Recognitions

Sal Barbera, Instructor, Department of Management Programs/Health Administration, has been appointed as Associate Director of the FAU Health Administration program.

Jian Cao, Associate Professor, School of Accounting, has been invited to join the Editorial Board of Accounting Horizons (ABS 3) for a term of three years beginning on June 1, 2021.

Douglas Cumming, Desantis Distinguished Professor of Finance and Entrepreneurship, Department of Finance, with co-authors Ahlers, Günther and Schweizer, had their paper published in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice titled "Signaling in Equity Crowdfunding” selected to receive the 2021 Helena Yli-Renko Research Impact Award, sponsored by the Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at the USC Marshall School of Business.

Assistant Professors Scott Feyereisen and Neeraj Puro, from the Department of Management Programs/Health Administration, with co-authors, had their paper titled, “Nursing Autonomy and Covid-19: A Temporal Theory of How Challengers Make Gains In Unsettled Times,” announced as the winner of the 2021 Best Paper Award from the Health Care Management (HCM) Division of the Academy of Management. They will be recognized at the HCM Division Business Meeting during the AOM annual meeting on Friday, July 30, 2021.