Investing in Longevity to the Science of Startups

By Comms Team | 02/16/2024

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FAU’s 2nd Entrepreneurship, Longevity and Biotech Conference

Longevity Conference

Daniel Gropper, Ph.D., Dean of Florida Atlantic University's College of Business, along with Siri Terjesen, Ph.D., Phil Smith Professor, Associate Dean of Research and External Relations, and Executive Director of the Madden Center for Value Creation, along with Jeff Madden, CEO, ADvantage Therapeutics, Inc. welcomed over 150 attendees to their recent conference.

The Madden Center for Value Creation hosted its second annual Entrepreneurship, Longevity, and Biotech Conference on Friday and Saturday, February 9-10, 2024 at FAU’s College of Business Scmidt Family Complex in Boca Raton.

World-renowned speakers shared their insights regarding the significant impact of the biotech industry with attendees. The conference's lineup of industry leaders included:

  • Dr. Carmela Abraham, Chief Science Officer, ADvantage Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Omar Abudayyeh, McGovern Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Nathan Cheng, General Partner, Healthspan Capital
  • Yuri Deigin, Co-Founder, YouthBio Therapeutics
  • Lisa Fabiny-Kiser, CEO, SENS Research Foundation
  • Leonardo Ferreira, Assistant Professor, Medical University of South Carolina
  • Iosif Gershteyn, Founder and CEO, ImmuVia
  • Jonathan Gootenberg, McGovern Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Jean Hebert, Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Bryan Johnson, Founder and CEO, Blueprint
  • Dr. Leona Kroehle, CEO and Founder, Bluezone Longevity Sphere
  • Dr. Makoto Kuro-o, Division of Anti-Aging Medicine, Jichi Medical University, Japan
  • Dr. Jose Navarro, Scientific Director and Partner, Quadrascope 
  • Jim O'Neill, Former Health and Human Services Principal Associate Deputy Secretary
  • Dr. Achim Schneeberger, Chief Medical Officer, ADvantage Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Petr Sramek, CEO, Healthy Longevity Clinic, Managing Partner at VC Longevity Tech Fund
  • Dr. Rudy Tanzi, Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School, Director of the Genetics and Aging Research Unit, MGH
  • Andre Watson, Chairman and CEO, Ligandal

Conference attendees were treated to a range of discussions, from investing in longevity to the science of startups. The speakers shared their expertise and experiences, delving into the latest developments in the industry, including gene therapy, companies that impact longevity research, and treatment delivery through nanosized delivery systems. These discussions explored how to optimize regenerative, personalized, and precision medicine, providing valuable insights into the future of the biotech and longevity industries.

Members from ADvantage Therapeutics Inc., shared the incredible potential of protein called soluble Klotho. This protein has the ability to generate new nerve cells, protect the brain's nerve cells, and reduce cellular stress in Alzheimer's patients. Soluble Klotho's inhibition of glucose uptake into cells is also the primary anti-aging effect of Klotho. With ADvantage Therapeutics' proprietary Klotho mRNAs being more than five times as potent as native Klotho mRNA, this breakthrough may revolutionize treatments for Alzheimer's and promote anti-aging effects.

In addition to the incredible longevity topics presented, attendees and speakers had the opportunity to connect and network as well as share valuable knowledge with one another. New relationships were forged, and exciting partnerships were formed with like-minded and passionate individuals.

“These are truly exciting developments” said Dr. Siri Terjesen, “and we are thrilled that the Madden Center for Value Creation is a hub to create these innovative communities of practice.”

The knowledge shared at the Entrepreneurship, Longevity and Biotech Conference will continue to move forward in shaping industries in biotech and longevity resulting in healthier communities. As we continue to push the limits of innovation, we are one step closer to achieving a world where people can live longer, healthier lives.