Online BBA FAQs

We are happy to help those interested in learning more about the OBBA degree. For reference, below are the most frequently asked questions from prospective students. Prior to scheduling a meeting with an advisor, please review these FAQs as they may be able to quickly answer your query.


Can I declare an OBBA major?

If you are a current FAU student, please review the requirements to declare an OBBA major and make an appointment with a College of Business Advisor via the Student Success Network.

If you are not a current FAU student, you will first need to apply to FAU via the Office of Admissions. The requirements for admission to FAU are different from the requirements to declare an OBBA major. If you have questions about the admissions process or requirements, please reach out to the Office of Admissions.

Can I transfer and complete the requirements to declare an OBBA major at FAU?

Yes, it is possible to complete the requirements to declare an OBBA major at FAU, although we recommend that students complete all lower division (1000/2000 level) requirements prior to transferring to FAU because there are a few courses that are not available online. 

Students who transfer to FAU and have already earned 60 or more credits will be required to complete all  requirements to declare an OBBA major by their 2nd semester at FAU, including all Intellectual Foundation Program (IFP), Pre-Business and foreign language (FLENT) requirements. Students who have less than 60 credits will be required to declare within 2 semesters once they have earned 60 credits.

Will you accept my transfer courses?

If you have previously earned college-level credits from an accredited institution of higher education, it is possible they are equivalent to some of the required courses here at FAU. Your credits will be evaluated upon your admission to FAU. After you are admitted to FAU, you will meet with an academic advisor who will review with you the coursework that was accepted and how many credits/classes you have remaining to complete the degree. If you have previously earned a Bachelor’s degree at a regionally accredited institution, the IFP requirements will be waived but you will still need to complete the pre-business foundation courses to declare a business major.

FAU maintains a transfer equivalency database of courses that have previously been evaluated. These equivalencies are unofficial and are to be used as a guide. If you do not see your university or courses in this database, it does not necessarily mean they will not be approved. These courses may require you to submit additional documentation to be evaluated; this will be discussed during your first advising meeting once you have been admitted to FAU.

Will I be able to use my work experience or professional certifications to satisfy coursework or waive credits?

FAU does not grant credit or waive coursework using work experience or professional/industry/trade certifications

Prior work experience may count towards the required 0-credit Internship course   for the Hospitality & Tourism Management BBA major or the optional 0-credit Internship course for the Accounting, Management and Marketing BBA majors.

Are all of the courses available online?

The upper division (3000/4000 level) courses that are required for the Online BBA majors are available fully online. The Pre-Business Foundation courses are also available fully online, although some may require live online class sessions at specified dates and times.

The Intellectual Foundation Program (IFP) courses are not all available online. Because of this, we recommend that students interested in one of the OBBA majors complete an Associate of Arts (AA) degree at a public Florida college prior to transferring to FAU.

Will I be required to come to campus?

All of the OBBA courses are available fully online, including exams. Once declared in an OBBA major, you will never be required to come to campus, although you are welcome to visit and have access to the same resources as on-campus students. You will also be invited to participate in the Graduation Ceremony.

How long will it take me to complete the degree?

This will depend on how many of your transfer credits (if applicable) are accepted by FAU and how many classes you take per semester. For example, a student who begins FAU as a Freshman with no college-level credits and enrolls in 30 credits (~10 classes) per year will complete the degree in 4 years.

When can I begin taking classes?

FAU admits for the Fall (August), Spring (January), and Summer (May) semesters. Deadlines and admission requirements will vary depending on whether you are considered a Freshman, Transfer, 2nd Bachelor’s, International, or Returning Student. Detailed information about this can be found on the Office of Admissions website.

As part of the admissions process, you will be required to submit official documents (these vary depending on your student classification) and the entire process can take some time especially if you need to take standardized tests as part of your admission requirements. The application deadlines will help you plan accordingly and set realistic expectations regarding the earliest semester you will be able to enroll at FAU.

What are the important deadlines I should know as a prospective student (class start dates, payment due dates, deadlines to drop or withdraw, mini-term availability)?

Class start and end dates, as well as other important dates and deadlines for each semester can be found on the Academic Calendar. There are 3 semesters each year (Fall, Spring, Summer). Some courses are offered as mini-terms that are 3, 6, or 8 weeks; however, the majority of the required coursework for the degree is offered in the full semester.

How much will my degree cost?

The cost of the degree will depend on how many courses you need to complete the degree and your residency status. For current tuition rates, please visit our Tuition & Methods of Payment page After admittance to FAU, please meet with an advisor to determine how many classes/credits you will need to complete the degree.

What types of Financial Aid are available, and do you offer scholarships for online students?

Financial Aid is available for degree-seeking students. Please visit the Financial Aid Office’s website for more details about the types of aid available and contact them directly if you need additional information.

A limited amount of competitive scholarships are also available at the University and College of Business level. Online students are eligible to apply as long as they meet the scholarship criteria.

Will my diploma and transcript show that I completed an online degree?

Upon completion of all degree requirements, Online BBA students earn the same degree as on-campus students; there is no “Online” designation on the transcript or diploma. The diploma will display “Bachelor of Business Administration with whichever major

you have completed.  Minors are not noted on the diploma but are noted on the transcript.


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