Our Past ITOM Graduates

MIS Students & Alumni in the News:



Hannah Herbst, MIS major

Hannah Herbst, MIS major, wins first place in the Florida Venture Forum's Statewide Collegiate Startup Competition.



Mehmet Kiris

Mehmet Kiris

Sarah Beck

Sarah beck

Tommy Chrietzberg

tommy chrietzberg

Joseph Edwards

joseph edwards

Christian Lopez

christian lopez

Jan Bednar CEO Shipmonk

jan bednar, ceo shipmonk

Ethan Fletcher

ethan fletcher

Mark Cravens

Mark cravens

Nicholas Payne

Nicholas payne

aCCELERATED mis/ msitm 
Tiffany Ceasor

tiffany ceasor

Jessica DePuy

jessica depuy

Shannon Stewart

shannon stewart

Andres Herrera

andres herrera

Ana Ohara

ana ohara

Al Campbell, Jr.

al campbell, jr.

Thomas Maloney

thomas maloney

Bruno Araujo

Bruno Araujo

Orlando Carrillo

orlando carrillo

ITOM Alumni Placement/Employment Information

  • Our graduates are among the most versatile and mobile professionals, transferrable among industries and locations.
  • Our graduates don't get outsourced - they are needed here and now. 
  • To see job placement of several ITOM alumni, please visit our "Where are they now?" webpage.

Our ITOM Alumni are:

  • Business and technically trained professionals
  • Excellent communicators, with keen understanding of people, processes, and business needs
  • Have an in-depth understanding of the globalization drivers and processes and are trained to work in multicultural, global environment
  • Managers who bridge the most important divisions in an organization – the Information Technology and the Business Administration
  • Building successful careers
    • from consulting to general managers
    • from business and data analysts to knowledge management officers
    • from systems development to project management
    • from information security and system administrators, to corporate and law enforcement computer investigators.

Our ITOM Alumni enjoy:

  • Plentiful and well-paid job opportunities, even in the toughest economic conditions
  • Fun, interesting, and exciting jobs
  • Working with greatest and latest technologies
  • Solving real business problems
  • Working with people

For more information on MIS careers, please visit the Career Resource Center