Executive MBA (EMBA) Program Information


The Executive Graduate Programs Office in the College of Business at Florida Atlantic University is home to the 23-month Executive MBA program. With courses offered every third weekend, our full service program is specially designed for those with busy personal and Executive commitments as well as for those who prefer the convenience of a full service structured cohort program.

The focus of the Executive MBA program is to provide an environment where a concentrated effort between professor and student results in the mastery of all of the components of a graduate-level, business administration curriculum.

Upon completion of our Executive MBA program, you will have earned the Master of Business Administration degree. The program allows participants to continue their Executive responsibilities while earning a regionally-accredited MBA degree as full-time graduate students. Each class begins and progresses through the program as a group, sharing the same sequence of classes and educational experiences.

The Executive MBA degree program is held at the Boca Raton campus and begins each fall and spring semester.

Program Start Dates

The Fall 2024 Executive MBA degree program begins Saturday, August 24, 2024.

Program Information

The 23-month Executive MBA is a degree program designed to be completed in six lockstep or consecutive semesters.

The EMBA beginning in a fall semester will lockstep through:
academic year one: fall-spring-summer followed by academic year two:fall-spring-summer.

The EMBA beginning in a spring semester will lockstep through:
academic year one: spring-summer-fall followed by academic year two:spring-summer-fall.

The program is considered full-time with three courses taken in fall and spring semesters and two courses in summer. The EMBA can also be taken part-time though graduation will be beyond six semesters.

Graduation is planned for the end of academic year two if students attend full-time.

40 - 46 Credits:

*Elective courses may be offered at different days/times or online.
  • 6 credits foundation - Financial Accounting and Managerial Finance
    Foundation accounting and finance courses may be waived with a previous grade of “B” or better if completed within the last five years

The remainder of the curriculum is enhanced to accommodate business prerequisite courses.

  • Courses are every third Saturday and Sunday, 8:00 AM - 3:15 PM, with 1-2 week breaks between semesters
  • $965 per credit hour
  • 40 - 46 credits total (ACG 6027 & FIN 6406 may be waived)
  • $38,600 - $44,390
  • Tuition is the same for Florida Residents, Out-of-State Residents & International Students.
  • Full-service, all-inclusive: 
    Tuition, books, breakfast and lunch, student ID, parking e-permit, review classes and recorded classes (as needed), graduation cap and gown and banquet.
  • Financial Aid and Tuition Reimbursement are accepted. Tuition is waived until financial aid is disbursed.
  • Self Pay? We offer a convenient payment plan.


The 23-month Executive MBA program starts every spring (January) and fall (August) semester.

Courses are every third Saturday and Sunday, 8:00 AM - 3:15 PM, with breaks between semesters. Each class of executives begins and progresses through the program together, taking most of the same courses and sharing the same educational experience for the 23 months.

The program consists of 40-46 classroom hours depending on academic and professional background. The pace and intensity of the program are balanced to provide students with optimal opportunities to assimilate knowledge.

A variety of learning methods are employed throughout the program. Case studies, computer simulations of challenging, competitive business situations, problem-solving discussions, team presentations, individual study, lectures, visual presentations, guest speakers, and assigned readings are regularly used. Students also complete research and analytical studies to develop strategic thinking abilities.

For updates on the university’s COVID-19 policies, please visit here.

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