an internship ... like in the movies?

Internships have taken many shapes over the past years.  Movies and hyperbole have, in many cases, painted Internships in a less than favorable light.  Usually, because the Intern is shown to be a source of free labor that is constantly filling coffee orders and picking up a seemingly endless amount of dry cleaning.  On occasion, the Intern-protagonist is the recipient of unfair, bordering on abusive treatment.  This, while entertaining to watch especially when the Intern-protagonist finally gets their moment of validation, is NOT an accurate representation of what an internship or an intern's role is.  Many of the Hollywood interpretations of #internLife are exactly that: dramatic interpretations. Let's take a moment to consider what internships are not:


Bad internships dont have clear goals



An internship serves many purposes, from fulfilling a degree requirement, to using skills learned in an academic environment or making new contacts in a field that the intern has not had any previous exposure.  It will really depend on the intern, exactly what they want, or need, to get out of the internship, and it will be different for everybody.  One thing is for sure though, the intern will get out, what they put in.  A successful internship will require, on the part of the intern: Planning, questioning, follow up, volunteering for tasks, presenting solutions, keeping track of projects and accomplishments, positive social interactions, knowing when/how to end social interactions, among other things.  Internships should be fun, not because the socializing that may take place, but because of the new challenges presented.  


Types of Internship Courses Offered

FAU and the College of Business offer many ways for students to earn credit for an internship experience. Click the link below to learn more.

For-Credit Internships


Finding Internship Opportunities

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