About The Adams Center for Entrepreneurship

Named in recognition of Florida Atlantic University graduate Scott H. Adams in 2001, the Adams Center for Entrepreneurship brings students, faculty and the community together in the spirit of entrepreneurship to fuel the innovation needed to create new opportunities in the ever-changing global marketplace.


The mission of the Adams Center for Entrepreneurship at the DeSantis Pavilion is to create entrepreneurial leaders that find sustainable solutions to economic and social problems. The goal of the Adams Center for Entrepreneurship is to prepare FAU students in business, science, engineering, and all disciplines who are looking to become entrepreneurs through business ownership or through venturing.


The Adams Center for Entrepreneurship provides students with a unique academic experience by fostering revolutionary intellectual growth beyond conventional wisdom in the pursuit and creation of sustainable solutions to business and social problems.


Educating the business leaders of tomorrow.

The Adams Center for Entrepreneurship focuses on community engagement efforts offering a portfolio of innovative programs to provide "real world" experiences to students. These programs are organized into three areas: cross disciplinary academics, community outreach, and venture creation from emerging technologies.

The Adams Center for Entrepreneurship is part of the Department of Management Programs, the largest department in the college with the third largest major in the university. The academic areas that the Department of Management Programs serves are increasingly important in our society as organizations continue to expect more effective management practices, and provide essential components in our global economy. The Department of Management Programs and Adams Center for Entrepreneurship aim to develop future leaders with the skills to successfully navigate the demands of business within a global, digitally focused marketplace.

These programs are of tremendous value to students, providing them with access to today’s business and community leaders as they develop the skill sets they need to become the leaders of tomorrow.


Featured Success Story

Jan Bedner

Jan Bednar '14

CEO Founder of ShipMonk | FAU Business alumnus

Founded by Bednar in 2014, ShipMonk was designed to change the way ecommerce companies manage their supply chain and ship orders to their customers via game-changing software, automation, and exceptional customer service. During 2020, ShipMonk is on pace to earn $140+ million in revenue and they've secured $290 million in new funding.

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