Marketing Department Welcome Message

Welcome to the Department of Marketing. Marketing affects everyone in the global economy. We are all consumers of many things. Business firms exist to supply products and services that some group of customers value. Which firms will perish and which will survive? Which firms will mature and which will thrive? In the competitive world of business, the answers depend largely on how well firms perform marketing activities. Courses in the Marketing Department are designed to teach students how to perform marketing effectively.

The accelerating pace of technological change, the increasing globalization of economic activity, and the rapid development of new methods and models for doing business create new competitive challenges and stimulating opportunities for students of marketing. Because it involves and informs all functions of a business, marketing plays a key role in the success of any organization. Marketing strategy begins with identifying and understanding customer requirements; it involves research and development of new or improved products and services, and marketing determines how a company communicates and delivers value to its customers. On a larger scale, marketing is a major contributor to the standard of living and the quality of life we enjoy in our global economy.

Marketing is an exciting and dynamic field of study providing opportunities for choosing among a wide range of rewarding careers. A few of the many career fields include: business and consumer marketing, brand and product management, advertising and promotion, retailing and internet marketing, personal selling and sales management, marketing research and competitive analysis, and international and global marketing.

The undergraduate marketing major is targeted to students planning careers in marketing. Marketing majors learn the basic concepts and skills necessary to understand the modern business world and transition from students to entry level corporate or entrepreneurial careers in marketing. Marketing majors are also well prepared with the knowledge and technical skills for subsequent graduate work at any accredited university in the country. In addition to the marketing major, the department also offers an advertising major, marketing minor, and marketing certificate programs. The marketing department offers a large variety of undergraduate courses, day and evening, weekday and weekend, in-class and on-line, and at multiple campuses.

MBA students specializing in marketing learn advanced concepts and techniques. For example, recognizing the transferability of skill sets, and applying advanced decision-making techniques in marketing. This knowledge allows a student to play a critical role in the success of their organization. The regular MBA is primarily an evening program with courses offered at the Boca Raton campus. FAU also offers Weekend, Executive and Virtual MBA programs. All MBA programs are taught by the same graduate faculty.

The Doctor of Philosophy degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing is designed for students seeking academic careers in teaching and research at business schools and universities. Doctoral students are exposed to cutting-edge scholarship, and are taught to think critically, challenging assumptions and the conventional wisdom. The Ph.D. program is a full-time program of study taking most students four or five years to complete degree requirements and defend their dissertation. Students are involved as research and teaching assistants early in their program and are continually challenged to improve their skills. Within the framework of general requirements, students can tailor their programs of study to match their individual research and teaching interests.

The faculty members of the Marketing Department have studied at some of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the world. The graduate faculty are recognized scholars in their fields. They are supplemented by full-time instructors and part-time adjunct professors working at leading corporations with wide-ranging and significant experience in the business world.

Join us at Florida Atlantic University and become a marketing leader!