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The Florida state university system’s (SUS) only AACSB*-accredited bachelor of business administration (BBA) degree program in hospitality management is offered at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) is the premier and most rigorous of the accrediting agencies for business schools. All hospitality students take the core business courses as do the majority of business majors across the College of Business (i.e., finance, management, marketing, accounting, etc.) yet, the hospitality students have the addition of a full complement of hospitality-specific coursework. By having a BBA degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management, students are well prepared to be future managerial and executive leaders in the hospitality industry with less of a “vocational” or “craft” training; instead, there is a stronger better focus on financial statements, industry quantitative indicators (i.e., STAR Report), accounting principles, human resources, revenue management, and strategic planning.


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Which Undergraduate Program is Right for Me?

In-person BBA of Hospitality & Tourism Management (BBA)

Online BBA of Hospitality & Tourism Management (OBBA)

All Hospitality & Tourism Management majors are required to demonstrate completion of a minimum of 1000 hours of work experience in a hospitality-related position prior to graduation from FAU. Students earn these hours while simultaneously pursuing their BBA degree from FAU. Employers send us their job postings on a regular basis which is shared with the students. Our students work in varied and diverse positions including entry-level, supervisory, and managerial roles. Most every hospitality industry business segment is represented in the vibrant South Florida tourism community.

With local, regional, and global industry representation, our curriculum is continually updated, revised, and refined to meet the needs for hospitality leaders of the 21st Century. Our course descriptions demonstrate the uniqueness and relevance of the structure, content, and related course materials. Further, all faculty members possess extensive industry experience and strong academic credentials to certify them according to the AACSB guidelines.

Minor in Hospitality & Tourism Management

In addition to the BBA degree, the Hospitality & Tourism Management program also offers certificates for both degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking students in Hospitality Management and Meetings & Events Management. Students may choose traditional undergraduate course style certificates or weekend/evening Executive Education program offerings.

Executive Education Certificate in Hospitality & Tourism Management

Undergraduate Certificate in Hospitality & Tourism Management

Undergraduate Certificate in Club Management

Undergraduate Certificate in Casino and Gaming Industry Management

Executive Education Certificate in Meetings & Events Management 

Undegraduate Certificate in Meetings & Events Management

Hospitality & Tourism Industry Professional Organizations

Please visit the program’s website at for further information or reach out to the Hospitality Management Program Director, Dr. Peter Ricci CHA, CHSE, CRME, CHIA, CHRM, HIFIA at

Which Graduate Program is Right for Me?

MBA in Hospitality & Tourism Management

Graduate Certificate in Hospitality & Tourism Management

Select four of the following courses (12 credits)

Hospitality Operations: A Case Approach

HMG 6299


Strategic Finance in Hospitality Management

HMG 6467


Contemporary Issues in Hospitality Marketing

HMG 6506


Strategies for Excellence in Guest Service Management

HMG 6546


Meetings and Events Management

HMG 6756


Directed Independent Study in Hospitality Management*

HMG 6901


Executive Programs

Executive Certificate in Hospitality & Tourism Management

Executive Certificate in Meetings & Events Management

Please visit the program’s website at for further information or reach out to the Hospitality Management Program Director, Dr. Peter Ricci CHA, CHSE, CRME, CHIA, CHRM, HIFIA at

Accreditation & Rankings

AACSB Accredited

AACSB Accreditation

Proud member of AACSB, the premier accreditation agency for business schools.

Princeton Review Entrepreneur

Top-50 in Entrepreneurship

Ranked #37 (ugrad.) and #41 (grad.) in 2021 according to The Princeton Review.

Best International Business

Best International Business

International Business ugrad. is #22 in the U.S. News & World Report 2021 national rankings.

Best Undergraduate Business

Best Undergraduate Business

U.S. News & World Report awarded the college for Best Undergraduate Business in 2021.

FT Executive Education Rankings

FT Executive Education Rankings

#11 (U.S.) and #1 (Florida) in the Financial Times rankings.

Online Grad Programs

Best Online GRAD Business Programs

#37 in Best Online Master's in Business Programs (Excluding MBA).

Online MBA programs

Best Online MBA Programs

Ranked among the "Best Online MBA Programs" in 2020 by U.S. News & World Report.

Online Veterans

Best Online GRAD Veterans Programs

#19 in Best Online Master's in Business Programs for Veterans (Excluding MBA).

Sport Interantional Ranking

Best MBA in Sport Management Program

Top-20 in the world according to SportBusiness.