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  • The Capstone for the B.S. degree with major in Data Science and Analytics is a cross college course that can be taken multiple times with a minimum of 3 credits as a requirement for the degree. Students apply their theoretical knowledge, methods and tools acquired during the Data Science and Analytics program to a real-world problem and engage in processing data and applying appropriate analytic methods to the problem. Students implement a solution using appropriate tools and can work individually or in teams under the supervision of the course instructor or another faculty member. This can be accomplished in three ways: an approved Project, Research Experience or Written Thesis.
  • The 48 required credits for the major are listed below:

Common Core Courses 

CAP 2751 - Tools for Data Science 3
CAP 2753 - Experimental Design and Data Analysis 3
CCJ 3071 - Artificial Intelligence for Social Good 3
ISC 4941 - Data Science Capstone 3
MAP 2192 - Mathematics for Data Science 3
QMB 3302 - Data Management and Analysis with Excel 3
STA 2023 - Introductory Statistics 3
Common Core Total Credits 21 
Electives: Choose two courses (Refer to page 2 of the program sheet) 6


Business Concentration Courses

GEB 3231 - Business Communication for Data Analysts 3
ISM 3116 - Introduction to Business Analytics and Big Data 3
ISM 4117 - Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

ISM 4403 - Advanced Business Analytics

Concentration Core Credits 12

Electives: Choose three courses  

HFT 4481 - Revenue Management and Predictive Analytics in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

ISM 4041 - Contemporary Issues of Digital Data Management

ISM 4212 - Database Management Systems 

ISM 4323 - Management of Information Assurance and Security

ISM 4420 - Social Media and Web Analytics 

MAR 4615 - Business Analytics for Marketing and Customer Relationship Management

(3 credits each -Total 9)








Concentration Total Credits  21


Program Sheet 

Technology Tools Used

  • Interested in learning more about the tools/software/programs we use?
  • Check out our Course Tool List Document to view a list of all the tools/software/programs used 

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