International Business


The Certificate of International Business meets the needs of working professionals whose jobs have an
international dimension and is a great learning program for students planning to pursue a career with a strong international focus. The certificate is an ideal enhancement to a non-degree seeking professional, an undergraduate business major, or any other academic program. Participants must have at least two years of college or university education, and must satisfy the certificate’s requirements below.

To complete the program, students must satisfy the following academic requirements:

1) Complete the required international business course:

  • International Business MAN 3600 (Pre: 60 credits)

2) Complete two courses from the following (pre: 60 credits):

International Economic Development ECS 3013 (Pre: ECO 2013 and 2023, or ECO 3003)
International Monetary Economics ECO 4713 (Pre: ECO 2013 and 2023, or ECO 3003)
Economics of International Trade ECO 4704 (Pre: ECO 2013 and 2023, or ECO 3003)
International Finance FIN 4604 (Pre: FIN 3403)
International Healthcare Systems HSA 4124
Global Supply Chain Management MAN 4597 (Pre: MAN 3506)
International Marketing MAR 4156 (Pre: MAR 3023)
Cross Cultural Relations and Negotiations MAN 3611 (Pre: see catalog or man 3025)
Law of International Trade BUL 4641
Personal Selling MAR 4400

3) Complete three credits of a Practical Component (non-classroom based):

International Business Study Abroad MAN 4956
Foreign Seminar in International Business MAN 4680
Directed Independent Study in International Business MAN 4690
Complete an approved internship with international business content  

After completing the required coursework, students can file the application to earn the certificate in with the academic advising office. There is no charge to apply for the certificate if it is granted with, or after, a Bachelor’s degree. To apply for a certificate without earning a bachelor's degree from FAU, there is a $100 application charge.

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AACSB Accreditation

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Best International Business

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