Certificates in Hospitality & Tourism Management


The Hospitality and Tourism Management certificates offered at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) are varied and cover multiple segments of the industry. Further, the certificates are offered at multiple levels, in multiple styles, and across multiple formats to accommodate most every attendee. Some certificates (or portions therein) are also available in an online/eLearning format.

Please see below and if you have any questions, reach out to Dr. Peter Ricci, Director, at hospitality@fau.edu or 561-297-3666.

Undergraduate-Level Comprehensive Certificates

These certificates are offered in a multi-course format. The courses are held at the undergraduate level and are open to those with or without any formal education at the college level. They are open to anyone regardless of level of hospitality industry experience – from zero experience to fully seasoned professional. In other words, they are open and accessible to anyone desiring to learn and grow!

Each certificate requires 5 courses – each course is a full semester in duration. Enrollees may take 1-5 courses per semester at his or her discretion. Course tuition is either “in state” or “out of state” depending on the classification of the applicant. Click here to view FAU’s current tuition rates. 

Those who desire to enroll must follow the Non-Degree Seeking Student page to register and obtain a Z Number. A Z Number is the individual number assigned by FAU to identify an active student. Once the applicant registers as a Non-Degree Seeking Student and has his or her Z Number, he or she may then reach out to Dr. Ricci for registration permission at the start of the semester for intended enrollment. They may contact him at hospitality@fau.edu or 561-297-3666. Click here to visit the Non-Degree Seeking Student page to register.

And, if you have any questions along the process toward registration, please reach out to Dr. Ricci.

For existing Hospitality and Tourism MAJORS and MINORS, you may also pursue certificates. In order to obtain one or more of the certificates below, you must complete the necessary coursework for your major or minor PLUS the required courses for your certificate. If the courses apply to both your major/minor AND the certificate, they can be “double counted” to save you time. Please click on links below for further information. If you have questions, contact Dr. Peter Ricci at hospitality@fau.edu or 561-297-3666.

Available Undergraduate In-Depth Certificates Include:

Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Certificate in Event Management

Certificate in Club Management

Certificate in Casino and Gaming Industry Management

Graduate Certificate

A graduate certificate includes four (4) courses at the master's level. Students may pursue this certificate as a non-degree-seeking student (on a free-standing basis, not attached to a full degree). For those with existing bachelor's degrees in any field, this certificate will provide an overview of hospitality coursework at the graduate level suitable for someone desiring to enter the industry, to have some advanced coursework beyond the bachelor's, or to explore the possibility of a full graduate program. For those who wish to pursue the full MBA degree, these same courses will constitute a specialization within the MBA degree upon successful completion of the coursework and the overall degree. Click here to see the MBA with specialization in Hospitality & Tourism.

Please see below and if you have any questions, reach out to Dr. Peter Ricci, Director, at hospitality@fau.edu or 561-297-3666.

Available Graduate Certificates include:

Graduate Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Executive Education Certificates

For those who are time pressed, FAU is proud to offer executive style certificates in Hospitality and Tourism Management & Meetings and Events Management. These certificates are open to all individuals with any level of experience from “never have worked in hospitality” to “seasoned industry professional” and any level of education from less than high school to doctoral degree.

These certificates are offered on Saturdays only and are shorter in duration than the full semester certificates. These appeal to those who may be career transition, individuals with degrees in other areas interested to explore the hospitality industry, possibly someone who studied hospitality or events a long time ago and desires some current information, or an interested potential employee of the industry who simply wishes to explore aspects of the world’s largest service industry to be better-prepared as an applicant.

These certificates are “all inclusive” and are concierge style with parking decal, textbook/reading materials, and lunch provided during each session. The certificate sessions take place over multiple Saturdays.

The Executive Education certificates have some of the highest ratings of all offerings at Florida Atlantic University. To see sample feedback of attendees from 2016, please click here

Please see links below and if you have any questions, contact Dr. Peter Ricci at hospitality@fau.edu or 561-297-3666.

Available Executive Education Certificates Include:

Executive Education Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Executive Education Certificate in Meetings & Events Management