Entrepreneur in Residence Mentor Program

The Adams Center for Entrepreneurship is proud to be able to offer our students a unique experience through our Mentor Program, either by partnering them with Entrepreneur’s in Residence or a Mentor Specialist. The Mentor Program plan will serve as a framework and roadmap to identify priorities and designates roles, responsibilities, and criteria for meeting those priorities. These mentors may be FAU alumni, highly experienced entrepreneurs, investors, or executives. The program plan will provide a systematic process for participants to carry out in order for both the mentor and mentee to receive beneficial relationships.

The major function of the mentoring program is to promote the mentee’s development in specific areas which are outlined from the application process and to facilitate successful completion of the program. 

For students, the mentorship program provides an opportunity to seek “real-world” advice and feedback on startup business ideas, The FAU Adams Center for Entrepreneurship Business Plan Competition and other collegiate competitions that are available, or to launch a new venture. For students who are already in the process of starting or have already started a business, the mentorship program can provide guidance about operating and growing a business.

For our EIRs and Mentor Specialists, the program provides an opportunity to meet and interact with innovative and passionate students.  This allows you to guide students in evaluating their ideas and concepts, to share stories of your successes within your own experiences and open doors for students that would not normally be available to them.

Students: The Entrepreneurship Mentor Program may be right for you if:

  • You have an innovative idea for a new venture and would like an experienced entrepreneur to provide feedback to help you determine if the idea is viable, as well as receive guidance on how you can do research and take other actions to proceed.
  • You are developing a business idea and have legal and/ or accounting questions and would like general advice on these issues.
  • You have already launched a startup, and seek guidance and feedback on how to get your venture to the next level
  • You are curious about entrepreneurship, and would like to speak to a successful entrepreneur about what’s involved.

The Adams Center for Entrepreneurship mentor program will accomplish the following: 

  • Skills enhancement 
  • Organization development and culture change
  • Professional identity 
  • Career development
  • Leadership and Management development 
  • Education support
  • Networking
  • Customer service
  • Recruitment
  • Time Management


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If you may have any questions regarding the Mentor Program, please email adamscenter@fau.edu.


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