About Soar-In-4

The Soar-in-4 Scholars Program is a unique and highly customized program that provides participants with hands on support and personalized attention as they advance towards their bachelor's degree within four years of their initial freshman enrollment.

Soar-in-4 Four Plan participants will be assigned a Student Success Team that is comprised of an academic advisor and a career coach. This comprehensive team will work together to assist you with navigating your academic flight plan and career aspirations in order to ensure your success.

As a participant of the Soar in 4 Scholars Program, you will enjoy the following benefits: 

  • A dedicated Academic Advisor: You will be assigned a designated academic advisor who will prepare a personalized Plan of Study and will meet with you regularly to ensure you are taking courses in the appropriate sequence so you can graduate in four years or less.
  • Advanced Course Registration: You will be able to register for all of your courses for each term in advance of regular course registrations, guaranteeing you a seat in classes that often fill quickly.
  • A comprehensive Student Success Team: Compromised of an academic advisor, and career coach, this team will work together to assist you with navigating your Plan of Study, and career aspirations in order to ensure your success. This will include, but is not limited to, review of opportunities such as: Internships, Mentorships, Combined Bachelor to Master Programs, Double Majors and Minor/s possibilities, and any available test out options.
  • Business Mentor: We will personally connect you with a member of our community that has an outstanding business background to help mentor you throughout your undergraduate experience.
  • Invitations to Special Events and Opportunities: Throughout the year, you will receive exclusive invites from your career advisor and/or student success team to notify you of special events and opportunities extended to our Soar in 4 Scholars. This will include networking events, university/college events, guest speakers, etc. and Soar in 4 Scholars receive priority access to these events.


Meet Our Soar-in-4 Scholars

Learn more about our current students exceling in the Soar-in-4 Scholars Program. 

Meet Our Soar-in-4 Scholars