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All students should meet with an academic advisor before registering for any courses; however, the Student Academic Services Office is just one of many campus resources that are available to support you as a student.

On this page, you will find resources related to courses and degree requirements as well as links to other departments that can assist you with other concerns.

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Advising Information

Advising Offices at other FAU Colleges:  For advising on majors and minors outside the College of Business.

Accounting Competency Exam (ACCE): Required exam for accounting majors before taking upper division ACG or TAX courses.

BGS Business DisciplinesThe Bachelor of General Studies degree allows students to design a plan of study to meet their personal interests and career goals. One of the requirements of the degree is to choose five upper division courses from one discipline.  Use this document in consultation with an academic advisor to select courses from a business discipline.

Civics Literacy RequirementStatewide requirement for all bachelor's degrees. It is recommended that most business students attempt to test out of this requirement, but check with your advisor.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP):  Option for students to earn college credit by taking an exam in one of several subjects. The most common use for the CLEP is to earn foreign language credit in Spanish, French, or German or to complete the Civic Literacy Requirement.  Other subjects are also available that may satisfy other lower division requirements or electives. Speak with an academic advisor before attemping the CLEP in any subject.

CPA InformationSome CPA information is provided for your convenience by the School of Accounting, but the best resource for up to date information is the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. CPA advising is also available to current students. 

Degree Audit Reporting SystemA degree audit (DARS) is provided to students during in-person advising appointments. It is recommended you view your degree audit on your own to follow along during phone appointments.

DSST Credit by Exam Program: Option for students to earn college credit by taking an exam in one of several subjects. The DSST is most commonly taken by business students for free elective credit. Speak with an academic advisor before attempting the DSST in any subject.

Electives GuideExplains the various required electives to earn a degree.

General Education Requirements: Also known as "Gen Eds" and formerly known as "IFP," these courses provide a foundation of knowledge that all well-educated students should possess. Gen eds are required for all students to earn a bachelor's degree. FAU's gen eds are waived for students who transfer with a Florida public Associate in Arts degree.

GPA CalculatorFind out how new grades earned and grade forgiveness will affect your GPA.

Language and Linguistics DepartmentOptions for speakers of other languages to satisfy FAU's foreign language requirements through documentation or an exam. These options do not award credit; to earn college-level foreign language credit through an exam, students should take the CLEP (only available in Spanish, French, and German).

Lower Division Requirements: Information about completing FLENT, Civic Literacy, and IFP.

Math Placement--ALEKSAn assessment used to determine with which math course students should begin.

Math Boot CampOptional for any student who wishes to refresh math skills to prepare for success in math courses.  Required for any student who needs a third attempt on a math course (College of Business form 8 required).

Math Course Options for COB Bachelor of Science DegreeStudents pursuing a specialized business core major who wish to earn a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree are required to take six additional credits of math beyond MAC2233 and STA2023.

Searchable Schedule: Allows you to browse courses for current and future terms without being logged in to your student account.

University Advising Services (UAS) Office: Works with FAU students with fewer than 45 credits earned.  UAS provides advising on the general education requirements and on Associate in Arts degrees.

Unrestricted Upper Division Business Courses: Some upper division (3000 and 4000 level) courses are considered “unrestricted,” meaning pre-business and Bachelor of General Studies students can register for them without being declared in a business major as long as they meet the pre-requisites for the course.

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Courses: Courses with significant writing content that satisfy FAU's WAC requirement and the state of Florida's Gordon Rule Writing (GRW) requirement.


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