Academic Programs

The Economics Department offers two undergraduate programs that prepare students for careers in business and government, as well as for graduate study.

Undergraduate Programs

BBA/BS in Economics with a concentration in Business Economics

Economics - Business Program Sheet

The BBA Economics program has the same diverse foundation in core business principles as other majors in the College, but also integrates business and economics courses in such a way that students can analyze business problems with the insight that the economics discipline offers. This program leads to a B.B.A. or B.S. degree. BS students complete all BBA requirements plus six credits of math or statistics courses beyond the calculus and statistics required in the Pre-Business foundation courses (e.g., MAC 2311, MAC 2312, STA 3163, ECO 4421, ECO 4422, ECO 4401, ECO 4402, PHI 2102, etc.).

BS in General Economics

Economics - General Program Sheet

The General Economics program provides a broad liberal arts education with emphasis in social science and leads to a B.S. degree.

Minor in Economics

The minor in Economics serves to address the key factors related to Economics, without the full brunt of coursework, as the major. One minor is available for business majors and three minors for non-business majors. 

Graduate Programs

Master of Science in Economics (MS)

The Master of Science in Economics prepares the business graduate for the rigors associated with the global economy. The M.S. can be taken as a General Economics, Financial Economics, or International Economics concentration.





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