New Course Offerings


ECP 3703 Managerial Economics

Managerial economics examines the managerial decision-making process within firms from an economic perspective.
This course covers topics such as:
  • Management and business strategies
  • Risk analysis
  • Demand estimation and pricing
  • Forecasting
  • Competitive behavior and profit maximization

Prerequisites: ECO 2013 & ECO 2023, or equivalent. This course counts towards the economics requirement for both Management and Finance Majors.



ECP 4302 Environmental Economics

Environmental Economics examines the interactions between the economy and the environment.
Environmental economics examines many questions, including:
  • Why are unrestricted markets unable to deal with environmental problems?  (Why are things so bad?)
  • How can market-oriented solutions be used to solve environmental issues?  (Why things can get better?)
  • What can we do about climate change? (And other problems?)

Prerequisites: ECO 2013 & ECO 2023, or equivalent.