Financial Assistance Options

FAU Executive Education has multiple financial assistance options available for participants pursuing Professional Development programs. These options range from local and state-funded assistance, veteran benefits, and private loans.


Financial Assistance Options

  1. CareerSource Broward
  2. CareerSource Palm Beach
  3. Veterans Florida
  4. SallieMae
  5. Wells Fargo


CareerSource Broward

CareerSource Broward Logo

Residents of Broward County meeting specific criteria may be eligible for scholarships of up to $12,000 to assist with educational costs of tuition, books, supplies and more.

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CareerSource Palm Beach County

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Residents of Palm Beach County meeting specific criteria may be eligible to access training grants, career counselors, business coaches, and training providers.

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Veterans Florida

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Qualified veterans are eligible for the VA training program at no cost, which is designed to accelerate the entrepreneurial success of veterans. 

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Sallie Mae

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Participants seeking a loan to help fund professional development can apply for Sallie Mae’s student loans, designed to aid individual financial needs.

School code: 001481-98

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Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Page Link

Participants seeking a loan to fund career development can apply for a Wells Fargo student loan, designed to assist in reaching career goals.

School code: 001481-71

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FAU does not endorse or recommend any specific private lenders.