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Marketing plays a critical role in any organization’s bottom line. Marketing managers are responsible for formulating an organization's marketing strategy, estimating demand for and identifying markets for the organization's products and services, and setting prices in order to maximize profits, increase market share and retain happy customers. Marketing managers are tasked with working closely with every other area of an organization in order to ensure that products are services are positioned correctly for maximum success in the market.

633FAU_L-526.jpgThe Certificate in Marketing

The Certificate in Marketing will expand your knowledge of marketing practices, from the foundations of marketing to advanced marketing concepts. In addition, students will learn how to complete a marketing plan for their business or product of choice. Participants will enhance their strategic marketing skills and development of marketing strategy.

Advanced Systems Analysis and DesignCertificate in Digital Marketing

FAU's Certificate in Digital Marketing program will focus on all of the integrated digital elements required to learn the landscape of digital marketing tools, and ultimately yield an actionable and sustainable digital marketing plan to drive growth, web traffic, and lead generation for their business.

Advanced Digital MarketingAdvanced Digital Marketing Certificate

FAU’s Advanced Digital Marketing Certificate program will focus on advanced digital marketing tactics, tools and strategies. Access to key digital marketing and collaboration tools will be provided. Learn how to find digital opportunities in places most people overlook and align your own marketing technology vision with corporate goals.

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Success Story

Certificate in Marketing

"The Marketing Management course at FAU helped me launch my career. You cannot have sales without marketing! ...This class will teach you how to reach your target market."

-- Yanina Aranes
Realtor & Marketing Manager