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Homebuyers Facing Overvalued Markets

Study: Homebuyers Facing Overvalued Markets Despite Prices Moderating

By | 07/05/2023

Housing prices are starting to stabilize across the country, though homebuyers waiting for a break in the market may not find it anytime soon, according to researchers at Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University.

Liberal-Leaning CEOs

Study: Liberal-leaning Ceos’ Firms More Likely to Exit Russia

By | 06/23/2023

Since the start of the Ukraine-Russia conflict in February 2022, hundreds of multinationals worldwide have pulled out of Russia in protest. When it comes to U.S. companies, those led by CEOs with a liberal penchant were more likely to exit the country than firms with conservative-leaning leaders, according to new research from Florida Atlantic University and Northeastern University.

Rent Increases Stabilizing

Study: Rent Increases Stabilizing, Still Largely Unaffordable for Many

By | 06/22/2023

Rental increases have moderated in most metro areas in the United States, though many renters are still finding themselves priced out of the market, according to researchers at Florida Atlantic University and two other schools.  


Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship

Hannah Herbst

College of Business Alumna Creates Life-Saving Technology

By | 06/04/2024

An alumna of Florida Atlantic University’s College of Business is making waves for her company that aims to reduce deaths from blood loss.


Departments departments

Uninsured Deposits

FAU Expert: These Banks Are at Higher Risk of a Depositor Run

By | 07/15/2024

With many banks having exposure to losses from commercial real estate and unrealized securities losses, more banks are at an increased risk of having a liquidity crisis caused from withdrawals by large uninsured depositors, according to an analysis from a finance expert at Florida Atlantic University.